Need a temporary substitute or permanent replacement?

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Need a temporary substitute or permanent replacement?

Postby Pedros » 24 Dec 2012, 06:15

If you're going to be away/ill/overworked/anything else you can think of for a few days and unable to meet your game deadlines, then try to recruit a substitute through this Forum. (For a longer/permanent absence try to get a permanent replacement for each game, also by advertising here.)

Give some idea of what would be involved - how many games would it involve? Do some of them require a premium player to get into them? Don't mention specifically any game which is anonymous. Anything special about them (some players don't like Fog, gunboat...)? What are the deadlines (important to most players)

The more notice you can give the better chance you have of lining somebody up. When you have chosen somebody, give them a (private!) briefing on the games - who is on your side and who isn't, etc. And make sure they will know when you want them to step in.

When that time comes, go to your active games page and, under the games, you'll see Name a substitute. Click that - you'll find more details at viewtopic.php?f=129&t=32276#p549862

Don't forget - if it's an Anonymous Players/PPO/Gunboat game you mustn't reveal your identity - use the special SubSeeker account. To use it, do the following:-
1. Log out of the Forum
2. Now log in as SubSeeker; the password is Solanki
3. Post your message giving the same details as above; warn interested players not to post publicly

4. Don't forget to log out and log in again as yourself (or any other posts you make will be SubSeeker posts, and that will run you into trouble! - see below

Remember - it is a serious breach of the cheater rules to use this account for any other reason, and will probably lead to a ban from the Forum
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