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Advertising for anonymous games

PostPosted: 13 Dec 2012, 16:31
by Pedros
If you create an anonymous game and want to advertise it here or in the Chatbox, you can't do it in your own name so there are two accounts which can only be used for the purpose.

One is for advertising anonymous games, and the account name is Dolph Shtoss; password is anonymous
The other is for seeking a substitute in an anonymous game, and the account name is SubSeeker; password is theWho

Don't forget to log out after using them - it's against the rules to post in the Forum under any other name than your regular one except in these two special cases.

EDIT: With the recent split of anonymous games into Annonymous Countries and Anonymous Players, the above guidance still applies to Anonymous Players games. However for Anonymous Countries games, players are not prohibited from advertising their presence in the games.

For anonymous player games it would be helpful if you could include in your invitation OP a reminder to members not to post here if they're interested in joining

It should be noted that either of these accounts should only be used for the purpose they were intended. Using them in any other way is not allowed.