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In this game players have a different country on each board. GM: Pedros. Result: DIAS {Green (connect4), Yellow (Diadem), Grey (mr bump), White (backpackerallan) and Blue (Shibabalo)}

Star Ratings

Postby Pedros » 15 Apr 2013, 18:18

The ratings for this variant are based upon Game 2 (Staggered) in which players play a pair of countries, one on each map. This makes it quite different from straight Layered, where players have the same country on each map. This difference may also explain the wide variation in answers.

Games: 1
Respondents: 5

The "complicated" question, D, is given Uber Geeks rather than stars because it isn't in any way a measure of how good the variant is, just how many sleepless nights it will cause you!

A. How enjoyable was the variant as a player? (If you were set upon by three other powers and eliminated quickly it doesn't necessarily mean that you think the variant is rubbish!!)[/color]
5: I love it and will play any chance I can 2
4: Good game - would like to play again 1
3: OK - Would be happy to play again 1
2: A bit weak (boring/not enough to think about etc) 1
1: Poor. Would definitely not play it next time! 0
Average: 3.8ImageImageImageImage

B. Was the game reasonably balanced (not necessarily does everybody start out equal, but how likely is it to win from every position, for example, or did everybody have a reasonable opportunity to impact on the game)? Think of Regular Dip as around 3
5: Very balanced - good opportunities all round 0
4: Reasonably balanced 3
3: Average - some coutries a bit weaker, some a bit stronger 0
2: It was clear from the beginning who would be the dominant powers in the variant 2
1: Unbalanced - some powers doomed from the outset 0
Average: 3.2ImageImageImage

C. How dynamic is the game? Are there plenty of opportunities for movement/change of alliances/sudden thrusts throughout the game? Or is the pattern, for some powers at least, restricted for at least some of the powers? (Regular has a number of blocking points apart from the main stalemate line and I would put it at 2-3)
5: Very fluid - lots of movement and opportunities right to the end 1
4: Plenty of chances but it can get stuck at times 3
3: OK - some opportunities to make choices about options but they're a bit limited 1
2: Choices are limited and the game can get bogged down. 0
1: Pretty static really! 0
Average: 4.0ImageImageImageImage

D. How complicated is the game? (This may be the complexity of the map or of the rules, or both. We've put Regular Dip at 2 out of 5 for this one; variants scoring 5 probably have a complicated map and particularly complicated rules!)

5: Mind-bendingly complicated; you'll need to work really hard at this one! 0
4: Very complicated map or rules, or both of them quite complicated 1
3: Complicated - more to think about than Regular - some extra rules (not just Build Anywhere etc) 4
2: Not especially complicated (think ~ Regular) 0
1: Simple game - small map, no tricky rules. 0
Average: 3.2 :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:
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