Spring 1910

In this game players have a different country on each board. GM: Pedros. Result: DIAS {Green (connect4), Yellow (Diadem), Grey (mr bump), White (backpackerallan) and Blue (Shibabalo)}

Re: Spring 1910

Postby connect4 » 09 Apr 2013, 17:55

connect4 wrote:I haven't had a chance to confirm the stalemate here. I will look at the map tonight or tomorrow and, assuming I see what is supposedly there, I have no objections to the draw.

After brief review, I won't object.
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Re: Spring 1910

Postby Pedros » 09 Apr 2013, 18:33

Since you're all treating Diadem's post as a formal proposal (no problem there) I should just point out that the game continues in the meantime! Deadline tomorrow.
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