Result overturned following a Stewards' Enquiry!

Fog of War game. GM: UpQuark. Result amended to "No result"

Result overturned following a Stewards' Enquiry!

Postby Pedros » 06 Aug 2013, 18:19

Following the announcement by UpQuark of the ending of this game a formal objection was lodged by Diadem to the way in which the result was reached and the way in which the GM handled it. I have conducted a lengthy enquiry into what happened during the Fall 1912 season, and after it I have reluctantly decided that the result cannot stand for the following reasons:-

1. The 3-way draw proposal which was the basis of the original decision was never accepted by Diadem's Archers; the GM's reasoning was that Diadem had either resigned from the game or had been ejected for two successive NMRs, despite the fact that Diadem is listed in the announcement post as a Survivor. The two reasons given are mutually incompatible and neither of them was in any case sustainable.

2. Since the Archers should still have been counted as an active participant, their agreement to the draw was necessary. Accordingly, the game ended with no agreed result. Quite apart from the question of whether the GM and players would wish to continue with the game, the fact that the final map has been published means that it would not have been possible anyway.

When games have finished in the past with no properly agreed result an offer was made to surviving players that if they could agree a result in the usual way then it would be recognised. After this time it is very possible that the players will not want to go through this process, but the offer is there if you do.

I am extremely sorry that what was hoped to be a crowning achievement of DVFG games has ended in this way.
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