Spring 1904 Results

GMd by attitudes. Winner: Diadem (England)

Spring 1904 Results

Postby attitudes » 31 Jan 2013, 07:39

Spring 1904 results are posted. Two retreats needed. One from France in Burgundy. One from Russia in Sevastopol.

Spring 1904 retreat deadline is Friday, February 1st at 9:00 am Pacific time.

Please post your retreat in thread so the game can continue. There will be no new map.

Summer 1904 deadline is Tuesday, February 5th at 9:00 pm Pacific time.


Austria: joelsdaman1
A. Trieste MOVE Venice ... bounce
A. Vienna MOVE Tyrolia ... resolved
A. Ukraine MOVE Sevastopol ... resolved
A. Rumania SUPPORT A. Ukraine to Sevastopol ... resolved
A. Serbia HOLD ... resolved

England: Diadem
F Stp (nc) H ... resolved
F Bal - GoB ... resolved
F Kie - H ... resolved
F Hol - Nth ... resolved
F Eng C A Lon - Por ... resolved
F Mao C A Lon - Por ... resolved
F Wms - Gol ... resolved
A Lon - Por ... bounce
A Bel S A Ruh - Bur ... resolved
A Ruh - Bur ... resolved

France: diplomat42
Pic S Bre H ... resolved
Bre S Pic H ... resolved
Bur-Mar ... bounce ... DISLODGED ... RETREAT NEEDED
Mar-Spa ... bounce
Spa/sc-Por ... bounce

Italy: sroca
Piedmont Move to Venice ... bounce
Syria Move to Armenia ... resolved
Smyrna support Ionian to Aegean ... resolved
Naples Move to the Ionian ... resolved
Ionian Move to the Aegean ... resolved

Russia: mr bump
A.Munich supports A.Ruhr to Burgundy ... resolved
A.Tyrolia > Bohemia ... resolved
A.Warsaw supports A.Moscow > Ukaraine ... resolved
A.Moscow > Ukaraine ... resolved
A.Sevastopol supports A.Moscow > Ukraine ... cut ... DISLODGED ... RETREAT NEEDED

Turkey: kithchener
Black sea- Ankara ... resolved
Greece support Bulgaria ... resolved
Bulgaria support Greece ... resolved
Const support Bulgaria ... resolved
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Re: Spring 1904 Results

Postby mr bump » 31 Jan 2013, 12:41

Sevastopol retreats Moscow
mr bump

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Re: Spring 1904 Results

Postby diplomat42 » 31 Jan 2013, 15:56

To Paris
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