Summer 1902 Results

GMd by attitudes. Winner: Diadem (England)

Summer 1902 Results

Postby attitudes » 11 Jan 2013, 09:21

Summer 1902 results are posted. Sorry for the slight delay.

Two retreats needed. One by Italy in Marseilles; one by Germany in Munich.

Summer 1902 retreat deadline is Saturday, January 12th at 11:00 am Pacific time (GMT-8).


Austria: joelsdaman1
A. Ukraine MOVE Moscow ... resolved
A. Trieste MOVE Albania ... resolved
A. Serbia SUPPORT Budapest to Rumania ... resolved
A. Budapest MOVE Rumania ... bounce
A. Vienna MOVE Galicia ... bounce

England: Diadem
A Wal - Bel ... resolved
F Eng C A Wal - Bel ... resolved
F Hol - Kie ... resolved
F Nwy - Swe ... bounce
F Nth - Den ... resolved
F Ska S F Nth - Den ... resolved

France: diplomat42
MAO-WMed ... resolved
Gas-Mar ... resolved
Spa/sc S Gas-Mar ... resolved
Bur S Gas-Mar ... resolved
Pic H ... resolved

Germany: mambam14
F Bal S A Kie-Ber ... resolved
A Kie-Ber ... resolved
A Mun S A Kie-Ber ... cut ... DISLODGED ... RETREAT NEEDED
A Swe H ... resolved

Italy: sroca
Ionian move to Aegean ... bounce
Naples move to the Ionian ... bounce
Tunisia Hold ... resolved
Marseilles move to Spain ... bounce ... DISLODGED ... RETREAT NEEDED

Russia: mr bump
A.Berlin > Munich ... resolved
A.Silesia > supports A.Berlin > Munich ... resolved
A.Galicia > Rumania ... bounce
A.Sevastopol supports A.Galicia > Rumania ... resolved

Turkey: kithchener
Smyrna - Aegean ... resolved
Greece support Smyrna - Aegean ... resolved
Bulgaria support Greece ... resolved
Black sea support Bulgaria ... resolved
Const support Bulgaria ... resolved
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Re: Summer 1902 Results

Postby Gooderian » 11 Jan 2013, 14:34

retreat to ruhr
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