Summer 1901 Results

GMd by attitudes. Winner: Diadem (England)

Summer 1901 Results

Postby attitudes » 23 Dec 2012, 20:00

Summer 1901 results are posted. No retreats so we move directly to Fall 1901. We have a request (France) for a delay due to the holidays.

Fall 1901 deadline is Thursday, January 3rd at 10:00 am Pacific time (GMT-8).

I will be around to run speed deadlines if all players submit orders.


Austria: joelsdaman1
A. Serbia MOVE Rumania ... resolved
A. Budapest SUPPORT Serbia to Rumania ... resolved
A. Trieste MOVE Serbia ... resolved

England: Diadem
F Lon - Nth ... resolved
F Nao - Nrg ... resolved
F Nth - Nwy ... resolved

France: diplomat42
Bre-MAO ... resolved
Mar-Spa ... resolved
Par-Bur ... resolved

Germany: mambam14
F Den-Bal ... resolved
A Kie-Den ... resolved
A Ruh-Mun ... bounce

Italy: sroca
Apulia convoy to Tunisia ... resolved
Ionian convoy Apulia to Tunisia ... resolved
Piedmont move to Marseilles ... resolved

Russia: mr bump
A.Liv > Prussia ... resolved
A.Silesia > Munich ... bounce
A.Sev > Rumania ... bounce
A.Ukraine supports A.Sev > Rumania ... resolved

Turkey: kithchener
Aegean- Greece ... resolved
Bulgaria support Serbia- Romania ... resolved
Const hold ... resolved
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Re: Summer 1901 Results

Postby Gooderian » 01 Jan 2013, 01:09

I have 2 things to say:

1. I´m back! (I was on vacation)
2. Happy new year!
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