Winter 1900 Results

GMd by attitudes. Winner: Diadem (England)

Winter 1900 Results

Postby attitudes » 17 Dec 2012, 21:23

Winter 1900 results are posted.

Spring 1901 deadline is Thursday, December 20th at 1:00 pm Pacific time (GMT-8).

I'm hoping to get in Summer 1901 moves as well before we head to a holiday break which will be from Dec 23rd until Jan 3rd. Speed deadlines are always available.


Austria: joelsdaman1
A. Trieste
A. Budapest
A. Vienna

England: Diadem
Build F Edinburgh
Build F London
Build F Liverpool

France: diplomat42
A Par
A Mar
F Bre

Germany: mambam14
F Kie
A Ber
A Mun

Italy: sroca
F - Naples
A - Venice
A - Rome

Russia: mr bump
St.Petersburg - Army
Warsaw - Army
Moscow - Army
Sevastopol - Army

Turkey: kithchener
fleet Smyrna
army Ankara
army Constantinople
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