Stew Spring 1914

This game - Rivers and Seven Islands). GMd by asudevil. 3-way draw: France (haroonriaz); Italy (Diadem); Germany (presser84)
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Stew Spring 1914

Postby asudevil » 26 Mar 2013, 05:13

Here are our Spring 1914 results

We have no retreats, (although Austria's last unit is Auto-Disbanded)...not officially out yet, but can't an inert player

Fall orders are due 3/29 3am GMT, 3/28 11pm EST.

1914S.gif (60.74 KiB) Viewed 881 times

F Ire holds----Resolved

F (Belgium) s A (Holland) H----Resolved
A (Burgundy) s A (Ruhr) H----Resolved
A (Holland) s A (Ruhr) H----Cut
F (English Channel) s F (Mid Atlantic Ocean) H----Cut
F (West Mediterranean Sea) s F (Gulf of Lyons) H----Resolved
F (Mid Atlantic Ocean) s F (English Channel) H----Resolved
F (Gulf of Lyons) s F (West Mediterranean Sea) H----Resolved
A ( Ruhr) s A (Holland) H----Resolved

Ber to sil----Resolved
Sil to boh----Resolved
mun to ruhr----Bounced (2v2)
den s kiel hold----Resolved
Lon to ech----Bounced (1v2)
Kiel s mun ruhr----Resolved
Nts to hol----Bounced (1v2)
Gal to uke----Resolved
Rum hold----Resolved
Pru to war----Resolved
Sev s rum hold----Resolved
Nao hold----Resolved

F Liv H----Resolved
A Vie S A Bud----Resolved
A Bud S A Vie----Resolved
A Ser S A Gre - Bul----Resolved
A Gre - Bul----Resolved (2v1)
A Tri - Tyr----Bounced (1v1)
A Ven - Tyr----Bounced (1v1)
F Adr H----Resolved
F Cor S F Tys H----Resolved
F Tys S F Cor H----Resolved
A Nap - Smy----Bounced (2v2)
F Ion C A Nap - Smy----Resolved
F Ems C A Nap - Smy----Resolved
F Aeg S A Nap - Smy----Resolved

bulgaria support constantinople to hold----DISLODGED (1v2) AUTO DISBAND

Constantinople support Smyrna----Resolved
Smyrna support Constantinople----Resolved
Ankara - Black Sea----Resolved
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Re: Stew Spring 1914

Postby Pedros » 28 Mar 2013, 11:19

Officially out I think - no units, no home SC to build one in. Default rules,
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