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Stew Spring 1913

PostPosted: 18 Mar 2013, 14:32
by asudevil
Here we go with our Spring 1913 results. We have an NMR from Austria (hence the delay), if I get another one in fall, I will go for the subs and probably have them gunboat a set of orders to minimize the affect NMR has on this currently un-blemished game. It cost severely remains to be seen.

No retreats, but there was an auto-disband.

Fall orders are due 3/21 12:30pm GMT, 8:30am EST

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F Ire H----Resolved

F (Belgium) - North Sea----Bounced (1v2)
A (Burgundy) - Munich----Bounced (1v3)
A (Holland) s A (Ruhr) H----Resolved
F (English Channel) s F (Belgium) - North Sea----Cut
F (West Mediterranean Sea) s F (Mid Atlantic Ocean) H----Resolved
F (Mid Atlantic Ocean) s F (English Channel) H----Resolved
F (Gulf of Lyons) s F (West Mediterranean Sea) H----Resolved
A ( Ruhr) s A (Holland) H----Resolved

Ice to NAO----Resolved
Ber S Kiel Hold----Resolved
Den S Nts Hold----Resolved
Kiel S Mun----Resolved
War to Mos----Resolved
Uke to Rum----Resolved
Boh to Gal----Resolved
Sil S Mun Hold----Resolved
Mun Hold----Resolved
Lon to Ech----Bounced (1v1)
Nts S Lon to Ech----Cut

F Lvp H----Resolved
A Tri - Bud----Resolved (2v1)
A Vie S A Tri - Bud----Resolved
A Tyr - Tri----Resolved
F Adr C A Apu - Alb----Resolved
A Apu - Alb----Resolved
F Alb - Ion----Resolved
A Gre - Ser----Bounced (1v1)
F Aeg - Bul (sc)----Bounced (1v2)
F Ems H----Resolved
F Tun - Tys----Resolved
F Cor S F Tun - Tys----Resolved


A Smyrna support A Constantinople----Resolved
A Constinople support F Bulgaria sc----Resolved
F Ankara support A Consantinople----Resolved