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Fall 1908 Stew

PostPosted: 04 Feb 2013, 04:23
by asudevil
Here are our Fall results

We have a retreats needed from France and Austria

Retreats are due ASAP, but no later than 2/5 2am GMT, 2/4 9pm EST

Builds will be a full period after the retreats, but if you want to get them in early...I will run them early.

Builds are at the end of the post

1908F.gif (61.86 KiB) Viewed 1036 times

F Iri S F Nth-Eng----Resolved
F Nth-Eng----Resolved (2v1)
F Ska-Nth----Resolved
F St.P H----Resolved
A Lon H----Resolved

Kiel supports Denmark----Resolved
Berlin support Kiel to hold----Resolved
Sweden to Skag----Resolved
Norway supports Sweden to Skag----Resolved
Denmark support Sweden to Skag----Resolved

F (English Channel) - North Sea----Bounced (1v1) DISLODGED (1v2) RETREAT NEEDED
A (Munich) H----Resolved
A (Holland) H----Resolved
F (North Africa) - Tunisia----Bounced (2v2)
F (West Mediterranean Sea) s F (North Africa) - Tunisia----Resolved
F (Gulf of Lyons) - Sardinia----Resolved
F (Brest) - Mid Atlantic Ocean----Resolved
A (Burgundy) - Marseilles----Resolved

F Ice - Nao----Resolved
A Pie S A Ven H----Resolved
A Ven S A Pie H----Resolved
A Syr - Smy----Bounced (2v2)
F Ems S Syr - Smy----Resolved
F Aeg S F Gre - Bul(sc)----Resolved
F Gre - Bul (sc)----Resolved (2v1)
F Ion - Tun----Bounced (2v2)
F Adr S A Ven H----Resolved
F Tys S F Ion - Tun----Resolved
F Cor - GoL----Resolved

Moscow move st. petersburg----Bounced (1v1)
serbia support vienna to trieste----Resolved
trieste move albania----Resolved
vienna move trieste----Resolved
tyrolia support vienna to trieste----Resolved
bohemia support tyrolia to hold----Resolved
silesia support bohemia to hold----Resolved

Smyrna hold----Resolved
Ankara support Smyrna----Resolved
Constinatinople support Smyrna----Resolved

Turkey 3SC....3units....0builds
Austria 8SC....9units....1disband (0 if you disband your retreat)
Italy 11SC....11units....0builds
Germany 5SC....5units....0builds
England 5SC....5units....0builds
France 9SC....8units....1build (2 if you disband your retreat)

Re: Fall 1908 Stew

PostPosted: 05 Feb 2013, 03:55
by asudevil
Here are our retreats and builds

Spring 1909 orders are due 2/8 2am GMT 2/7 9pm EST

France retreats to BEL and builds F BRE

Austria retreats to RuM and disbands SIL

1908W.gif (61.82 KiB) Viewed 984 times