Fall 1905 Stew

This game - Rivers and Seven Islands). GMd by asudevil. 3-way draw: France (haroonriaz); Italy (Diadem); Germany (presser84)
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Re: Fall 1905 Stew

Postby asudevil » 10 Jan 2013, 14:19

Pedros wrote:Sorry - I'm confused. Lookslike the map's been altered but the text not; or is it the other way around? Makes quite a difference, and I'll need an extension. (I don't think I had a PM about the alteration, whatever it was?)

Yeah, Italy shouldn't have had a build...so I deleted it...I did it within minutes of posting the map, so I didn't send out the alteration

England's build is put in

24 hour extension granted.
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Re: Fall 1905 Stew

Postby Pedros » 10 Jan 2013, 14:35

Thanks asu
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