Westeros Diplomacy AL308 Spring Orders

GMd by Presser84. 2-way draw: letram13 (Greyjoy) and shockj (Stark)

Westeros Diplomacy AL308 Spring Orders

Postby presser84 » 14 Dec 2012, 07:18

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Larger Zoomable Map

Stark (letram13)
Army Crackclaw Point-Maidenpool
Army Saltpans-Harrenhal
Army The Trident Support Army Saltpans-Harrenhal
Army Blue Fork Support Army Saltpans-Harrenhal
Army Gulltown-Saltpans
Fleet Narrow Sea(Braavos)-Crackclaw Point (bounced)
Fleet The Paps-Narrow Sea(Braavos)
Fleet Longbow Hall Support The Paps-Narrow Sea(Braavos) (bounced)
Fleet Strongsong-The Fingers

Greyjoy (shockj)
A - Seagard MOVE Banefort
F - Sunset Sea CONVOY Seagard to Banefort
F - Ironman's Bay SUPPORT Riverrun to hold
A - Riverrun SUPPORT Saltpans to Harrenhal
F - Banefort MOVE SSS
F - SSS MOVE Blackcrown
F - Casterly Rock HOLD
A - Lannisport MOVE Silverhill
A - Crakenhall SUPPORT Lannisport to Silverhill

Baratheon (Benji NMRs:1)
A King's Landing to Duskendale
A Golden Tooth to River Run (bounced)
A Reach to Stoney Sept
F NS Pentos to Crackclaw Point (bounced)

A Heart Hall to Herrenhall (bounced)
A Cider Hall support A Blackhaven to Horn Hill
A Blackhaven to Horn Hill
A High Hermitage to Uplands
A Bitterbridge to the Reach

A Sun Spear Hold
F S. Narrow Sea support A Sun Spear Hold
No order issued Harrenhall (Dislodged by Army Saltpans-Harrenhal 1v4) retreat needed

Tyrell (Blackfish)
Goldengrove S Highgarden Hold
Highgarden S Goldengrove Hold
Summer Sea - Redwyne Straits
Hellholt - Sandstone
Saltshore Hold
The Tor S Saltshore Hold

retreat is due Saturday (Friday Night) 12:00am EST, 4:00am GMT, 3:00pm GMT+10
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