GM Pedros. 4-way draw between England (attitudes), France (marsman57), Italy (GhostEcho), Russia (haroonriaz)

Re: AARs

Postby Pedros » 12 Feb 2013, 19:13

Thanks marsman - that explains a lot. attitudes said that "like Pedros" he hates tame draws (like this one.) I want to say that I didn;t see this as a tame draw. In a game which has a clear solo candidate, like this one, and where the others have managed to stop that, a draw is a perfectly respectable result in my book, In fact, I had become very impatient for several years at the end, because I felt the game was over and should have been called. To a fair extent that isn't my province, but it does take a lot of time to GM and I felt I wanted to get on with other things.

marsman's post explains that clearly and (hopefully) will teach me to be more patient in future. I should know - I often say "The GM knows nothing!" about what's actually going on in the game.
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Re: AARs

Postby marsman57 » 13 Feb 2013, 21:32

That's why I privately messaged you to tell you that I thought attitudes might reject the draw. I didn't want you to get too excited about getting this off your docket! :lol:
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