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Postby super_dipsy » 21 Aug 2019, 21:03

jimlacey1 wrote:Thanks --- I really wanted to play a game or two first... but could not find any faculty members to accommodate me...

If you click Games on the Home Page and then Join Game, you can join any game. A good way to get the hang of it is to join a game as a surrendered country or something.
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Re: The Teachers sub-forum

Postby ConstantineDrasages » 02 Dec 2019, 02:08

Hello. It's probably just operator headspace, but I can't see my student accounts after I've entered the information. I've tried this several times, on three different computers, so now I am here to ask if there is anyone online who would offer some advice on what the missing link may be with my situation. Thank you.
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