Standard rules for Vain Rats Special Abilities

7-player game on the regular map, originally by Richard Sharp with many modifications. Each country has extra Major and Minor Powers (abilities). Introduced by cheesers52. {Some Maps Visible in game 4}

Standard rules for Vain Rats Special Abilities

Postby Pedros » 08 May 2013, 15:06

These are the definitive rules for VR abilities ("powers") as played here at PlayDip. They were prepared under the supervision of asudevil with inputs from Morg, Pedros and stalin813.

1. In any game the GM will select which of these abilities will be available to players. The GM may also decide that some parts of the rules will be altered for that game only. Players should familiarise themselves with the specific rules for the game they are playing. Before raising questions with the GM, players should also check these rules in case their query is covered here.

2. In preparing this version of the rules we attempted to address every question we could think of about individual powers and their relationship to each other; however, they are obviously complex and additional rulings or modifications of those here may be made, either in response to queries and events within a game or because GMs or others spot gaps. If changes are made in the course of a game the GM will immediately notify all players about the changes and whether or not they will apply in that game.

3. VR is a dynamic concept and new powers may be added from time to time but will not be available in a game which has already begun.

Throughout these rules, the following apply:-
Where a power allows a player to order one or more units belonging to another player this refers only to moves and any powers connected with those moves, unless otherwise specified.

Season includes a retreat phase unless otherwise stated;
where two or more units attempt to retreat to the same space, a unit with greater strength than all the others will succeed in its retreat;
Capital Cities are defined as Berlin, Constantinople, London, Moscow, Paris, Rome & Vienna;
National territories are those provinces which began the game coloured for one particular nation;
an enemy unit is any unit belonging to a nation other than the one ordering the move;
Where a power is restricted to the "original units" of a nation, it is restricted to a maximum of three units; where a power is given to "the first two units/armies" then, if extra units or armies are created at the same time, the player must state with their build order which units the power is given to. If not, the GM will award the power to the first units names.
Impassable areas An impassable area is defined by default as one to which no unit can move, in which no unit can exist; and which is unable to be a supply centre. If it ceases to be impassable then it becomes a neutral non-supply territory.
Where a unit's orders are changed by a power, the GM will re-write them as closely as possibly to the style used by the unit's owner in order to mask the fact that they have been changed.

Major Powers
Amphibian All units owned by this player exist equally well on land or sea and operate as armies or fleets as appropriate {included because of the convoy question}. Once revealed such units are designated "U" and not "F" or "A".

Bully - You get to pick on anyone you beat up. If a person is forced to retreat because of an attack or support by you, you decide where he will retreat (it must be a legal move, you may not disband the unit). Also, if you take or support an enemy unit into a centre and a person must order a disband because of it during the following winter phase, you decide which unit he must remove. If the victim needs to order more disbands than the number which can be ordered by the Bully, he is allowed to order only as many disbands as required by the SC count.

It may happen that the victim has gained SCs from the Bully in the same year as the Bully caused him losses. In this case, the number of disbands which the Bully can order is reduced by the number of SCs lost to the victim.

If two Bullies are in play the situation may arise where both of them are involved in the retreat of the same unit or in the disband order(s) of the same nation. In this case:-
a) if the two order different retreats, they cancel each other out and the retreat ordered by the owner of the unit is followed (if possible);

b) If the two have each contributed to one nation's need to disband, then if
1. Both Bullies cause the same territory to fall. (eg Austria and Italy both work together to take Bulgaria from Turkey) then the two Bullies are each concerned with the same disband order; if they conflict then the victimm's choice prevails;
2. Both Bullies cause different territories to fall, and there are at least as many disbands as territories fallen. (eg Austria takes Bulgaria while Italy takes Smyrna) then each has an individual disband to order; if they make the same choice the victim's will choose the other;
3. Both Bullies cause different territories to fall, but there are not as many disbands as territories fallen (Austria takes Bulgaria while Italy takes Smyrna, but Turkey manages to claim Rumania). In this case they each have a unit to disband, but since there is only one disband to be ordered, if they pick different units, their choices will cancel each other out, allowing the victim's choice to prevail. The top disbands from each list will be considered pair-by-pair until no disbands are left to be ordered. Where possible both of the pair will be implemented; if only one remains to be disbanded then two competing orders will cancel each other out as in the first part of this paragraph.

In all of these cases the victim should order as many disbands as are required in total, in case the Bullies fail to order their appropriate number. As many disbands as necesssary will be selected from the top of the victim's list after the Bullies' choices are determined.

Bureaucracy (previously "Liberal") Yours is a race of bureaucratic thieves. As a result, you recoup your losses by stealing the hard earned profits of others. Whenever you lose a centre, you may impose a tax on anyone on the board with a net positive centre count that year and force them to lend you credit for the original centre you lost. You may only tax a player who didn't take or support the attack on the centre you lost. If the Bureaucrat prefers, he may forbid a specific build in a specific centre for one winter turn. More than one tax (and/or orders forbidding builds) can be issued in the same year up to the number of centres lost, but forbidding a build is always instead of levying a tax which could otherwise have been made. The tax and/or forbidding is ordered together with Winter adjustment orders so that the victim may find that one of his ordered builds is invalid. Once the Bureaucrat's tax has been levied, the victim's other builds (if any) are taken from the victim's Builds list starting from the top of the list; however, the victim may not order "extra" builds to pre-emptively protect himself.

Evil Eye This player may order one unit from one other country each season. His orders are always accepted although they can be changed by a Pirate. A unit of the same country may not be ordered for two consecutive seasons unless there are four or fewer countries in the game. This power may not be used in 1901. Any power that the unit has (Amphibian/Guild/Filth/whatever) will still be active under the new order from the Evil Eye. If a unit gets 2 different orders from 2 different people with Evil Eye, the unit will hold. It will be considered as if the unit was given 2 orders. Evil Eye cannot be used to dislodge a unit of its own country. Evil Eye will change a Petrol Rationing order; it may also cause a unit originally ordered to Hold to follow a different order, in which case it's petrol is not available for Petrol Rationing use, or itself order a Petrol Rationing move using petrol from Hold orders issued by the unit's own country; consequently it could cause the country's available petrol to be overused and to fail.

Extra Petrol Each season one unit of this player may make a double move (e.g. F(Nap)-ION-Gre ); either or both parts of the move may be supported. If only the second part of the move fails then the unit will remain at the intermediate stage. Both moves will be simultaneous so someone bouncing into the first or second territory will cause a bounce in that spot. "Simultaneous" here means the same as it does in adjudicating normal diplomacy orders: if the unit is ordered to a space which begins the turn occupied by a unit which is successfully ordered to move out, then these two events happen at the same time and the extra petrol order is successful, although if two "Extra petrols" are in play it is possible for them to bounce on the first move.

Filth Once you own a supply center, no other player may gain credit for it until it has been fumigated, although you lose it in the normal way. When another power would have gained control under other circumstances (ie by occupying the SC after a Fall turn (or Spring in the case of Spring Raid) that phase is used in fumigating the centre; the SC becomes neutral. Occupation in the next season when control could be gained is needed to gain control of the SC.

Germ Warfare The first two armies of this power are lepers. At any time, instead of moving, they may release germs e.g. A(Ser) GW. In this example units attacking Ser or ordered to remain in place adjacent to it are destroyed; units successfully moving to an adjacent province or attempting unsuccessfully to move away are 'sick' and must hold in the next following movement season ; units moving away successfully are not affected. This affects ALL units other than lepers themselves (lepers belonging to any power are unaffected by Germ Warfare). The GW attack must be ordered during the movement phase in place of a movement order, and units are destroyed or become sick (as appropriate) immediately after other orders are resolved. A unit which makes multiple moves and lands on a space adjacent to the leper at any point in its move sequence is immediately sick and cannot move further; it is also unable to move during the next season. A unit other than another leper unit which attacks the leper at any point in a multiple move is immediately destroyed. Attack by another leper has no effect on the Germ Warfare order and effects, but it cannot be supported by another unit which is not itself a leper (for any other unit would immediately be destroyed because it isn't attempting to move!)

A space which was occupied by a unit destroyed through Germ Warfare is considered "contested" for the purpose of retreats. If a leper unit is destroyed it may not be rebuilt. If more than 2 armies are built at the start of the game, the builder designates which 2 are lepers.

Hawkonnen This player is allowed to choose one unit from one power as a traitor - this unit may be specified at any time. Thereafter this player may issue an order for that unit for two seasons before control passes back to the original owner. The hawkonnen thereafter chooses a unit from a different country. These seasons do not have to be consecutive, but must finish issuing the two orders for one unit before moving to a new country. You may not “pass” on the second season to pick a new unit, although if the traitor is destroyed before the second treacherous order can be issued a new traitor can be nominated in the next season. This power may be used to reveal the Amphibian if he orders an Amphibian unit (with or without knowing) to a sea zone (or vice versa). Any move that is illegal will be reverted to a hold. Hawkonnen is processed before orders but can still be changed by Evil Eye. Any power that the unit has (Amphibian/Guild/Filth/whatever) will still be active under the new order from the Hawkonnen. Hawkonnen cannot be used to dislodge a unit of its own country. Hawkonnen will change a Petrol Rationing order; it may also cause a unit originally ordered to Hold to follow a different order, in which case it's petrol is not available for Petrol Rationing use, or itself order a Petrol Rationing move using petrol from Hold orders issued by the unit's own country; consequently it could cause the country's available petrol to be overused and to fail.

Illusionist This player may, at the start of each move, (except Spring 01), exchange two spaces, which must be similar (i.e. land with land, sea with sea, s.c. with s.c., coastal province with coastal province.) Units ordered to one of these are fooled into appearing in the other. Units left holding in one, appear in the other. Neither of the named spaces may include the end of a hyperspace link. If one of the player's own units finishes the season in either of the named spaces then the illusion will fail for that turn. The illusion is applied only after any retreats have been made.
Special cases
- If a unit is moved to a territory with multiple coasts, the coast will be randomly decided.
- If both spaces are occupied, both units move to the other space.
- If multiple Illusionists are in play and a “chain” is created there may be two different situations to resolve:-
a) a unit in the middle of the chain will move to one end or the other, chosen randomly, and a unit at one end moves to the other end;
b) if there are units at each end but none in the middle they will exchange places;
c) If all spaces are filled the outcome will be determined alphabetically - arranging the names of the spaces in alphabetical order A>Z, the first in the list moves to the second space and so on; the last moves to the first space.

Insect You have no power of your own, but you can adapt well. If you are able to take control of somebody's home supply centre, you can gain and hold their major power as long as you retain their home centre (they also retain their own power). The more home supply centres you take, the more powerful you become. The power is gained only if you submit a correct guess about what that power is together with your orders for the season. You are only allowed 1 guess per season per country, including winter; the Spring and Fall guesses must be made during the movement phases of those seasons. This also includes the winter you TAKE control of the SC, so that you can use it the following season. However, you will not be able to use any powers that are winter build powers until the FOLLOWING winter. For any power that says “the first two armies built” will still apply to the insect. So the first two armies built for the insect (if they build more than 2, they must specify which 2 during winter 1900) will gain any/all powers that are associated with “first two armies built”. If the insect has already lost his first 2 armies, then that power will not be usable for the insect.

King Key Any unit of the King Key country attacking an enemy unit which is trying unsuccessfully to move succeeds, irrespective of support strengths involved. The KK player may not waive this rule for the benefit of an ally (although it will not dislodge a unit belonging to the King Key player!) The player may also designate one unit as King per season; this piece has double strength for that season. Enemy units do not have to give permission for this. (This rule means doubled rather than strength = 2 so a unit with 1.5 strength would double to 3, and a unit already doubled for some other reason would double again to 4. A unit with only .5 strength (for whatever reason) would double to 1. If another power is in play affecting the strength of the designated King then the doubling for the King will take place before any other powers have an effect. An attack on the King will cut all support being provided by the King.

If the player also possesses Petrol Rationing the double strength unit may be ordered to undertake a full series of Petrol Rationing moves. If King Key is used against a unit moving with the help of Petrol Rationing, the Key power of inevitable success applies only at the point where the Petrol Rationing unit finishes its series of moves.

MacGyver The player starts the game with no power. Starting during Winter 1900 the player may nominate any power they want and if it is not already in play they gain that power and can use it from the following season.

Once the player has successfully nominated a power, then at any time during the game the player can attempt to change powers by selecting a new power during any movement phase or a Winter adjustment phase; the current phase (? season) will be adjudicated with their existing power, but thereafter they will lose that power and at the end of the season they will be informed whether or not they gain the new one. If they guess correctly that the newly nominated power is not presently in use then they will gain the new one. However, during the next movement season the player will have no power and will only get the new power selected during the movement season following that one. If they do not guess correctly then they must guess again during the next movement phase in order to gain a new power. There is no limit to the number of times a player can change his power.

Example:- in Spring a player is using power A and selects power B. The season's moves are completed with the person still having power A. For the Fall season the player will not have any power. The following Spring the player will have power B.

Negator When you submit orders during a movement phase you may include orders for two units (must be from different countries) that are not allowed to occur. If these orders are indeed submitted, they become hold orders instead. You must specify a country AND order for the unit you are negating. Negator must match the order which the unit has after other powers (including Pirate) have impacted on it. If the two orders are for units belonging to the same country then neither order will be negated. If a unit is using Extra Petrol then one of its orders can be negated but not both together (although if the first is negated the second will become invalid) and if it is using Petrol Rationing then only the specific part of the series of orders which is denied by the Negator will be affected.

Petrol Rationing In each movement phase, one or more of the player's units may move additional spaces; the total number of additional spaces moved may not exceed the number of the player's units which are ordered to "Hold" during that phase. If more additional movement spaces are ordered than are available, then all of the units given additional orders will be ordered to "Hold". A unit using additional fuel may submit movement orders only, although each movement may be in any valid direction. Chameleon units, a unit using Guild, Warmongers and Defensive Armies may all use Petrol Rationing (although Defensive Units are still restricted as usual.)

Those units receiving an extra movement allowance must order their additional moves explicitly and individually (eg "A St Petersburg > Moscow > Sevastapol > Armenia") Any one of these individual movements can be supported by one or more other units as normal, and where appropriate can also be convoyed by other units.

If the moves ordered come into conflict with a move ordered by any other unit then the two units concerned bounce and the units end their turn in the space from which they were attempting to move (unless one of the units is supported more strongly than the other for that move, in which case that unit is successful). Thus, in the previous example, if another unit (of whatever country) was ordered "A Rumania - Sevastapol" then the units would bounce in Sevastapol and the one moving with additional fuel will end its move in Moscow. If two units making multiple moves are ordered to pass into or through the same space, then they will similarly bounce there (since all movements are deemed to happen at the same moment.) If however a unit were ordered to leave one of the spaces ("F Sevastapol - Black Sea") and there were no other obstacle, then the multiple move would succeed just as a simple Moscow > Sevastapol order would succeed.

Petrol Rationing can interact with other powers in complex ways; the following is a list of other powers which can interact with Petrol Rationing; details will be found in the description of those rules:-
Major Powers
Evil Eye
King Key

Minor Powers
Woodrow Wilson

Pirate Once per season this allows the player to take control of another player's fleet to convoy his/her army to where (s)he desires. The order countermands the original order as well as any Evil Eye order. The same player may not be used for consecutive turns. This order may be used to make an illegal order (eg fleets in coastal areas can be ordered to convoy which would obviously be adjudicated as a hold order). This power may not be used in 1901. This power can be used on a fleet in a coastal province. As an illegal order, it will be treated as any other illegal order and converted to a hold. The convoy does not have to be used. Any power that the fleet has (Amphibian/Guild/Filth/whatever) will still be active under the new order from the Pirate. Pirate is processed after Evil Eye and also overcomes an Extra Petrol or Petrol Rationing order.

Terrorist In Winter 1900, you submit three provinces (land or sea) which you mine. You can save these until a future year if desired. The bombs can only be placed in non-supply centres. As the game progresses, you may not mine any occupied area or any territory where a bomb has exploded within the last two years. During a winter turn you may order new mines in any allowed territory any mines that have exploded. (ie you can rebuild a bomb that exploded in Spring 02 in Winter 02) This bomb destroys any unit that enter it. If a unit is moved into a space that has a mine and that space is also Illusioned, the unit that moved INTO the space will set off the mine, not the unit after the illusion is processed. If no unit was ordered in, but another one arrives through Illusion, that unit will detonate the mine. Units moving more than one space will trigger the explosion as they leave the mined area.

Thief Each season the thief may steal a unit belonging to another player provided that unit is one which can be rebuilt. The stolen unit is removed from play. Units which cannot be replaced are immune. This unit is removed before orders are processed for the season. Units of the same country may not be affected in two seasons in a row. This power may not be used in 1901. Units ordered using Petrol Rationing can be stolen.

Zombie Yours is the army of the dead. As a result, you do not need supply centres to maintain your units. You need SC's to build new units. Once built, your units can only be removed through physical destruction. This applies to all of your units. You keep units when you lose SC’s, but you are only able to build new units if you have more SC’s than units. When you have 0SC, you are eliminated. Zombie units can use Petrol Rationing.

Minor Powers
Ameoba The person playing this power can transfer strength from one unit to another, creating one extra powerful unit and one totally powerless unit. Whenever power is transferred from one unit to another, the transferring unit must hold; if attacked it is destroyed since it has no power left to retreat or defend itself. If the unit receiving the power is destroyed, any units donating power to the unit are also removed from the board. Multiple transfers are possible so long as the final strength count for all units equals the combined strength of all units. This transfer lasts for one movement phase only and does not extend to the retreat phase. Units using Petrol Rationing can move with the extra power, and weakened units donate petrol.

Atreides When this player obtains seven supply centres, he gains the power of Kwisatz Haderach. This power makes all Atreides units immune to the special abilities of the power(s) with the most supply centres (although . He will not be informed of WHAT powers he is immune to. If they subsequently fall below seven centres, they do not lose this ability. He is not immune to his own power, if it is in any way (such as Evil Eye) used against him (unless it is used against him by the holder of most supply centres.)

Bene-Tleilaxu When one of the original units (Not F(Stp)sc for Russia) leaves a province during the movement phase it may leave a trap in it which destroys the first unit to enter it. When the trap is set the GM must be told for how many seasons the trap remains active. Only one trap can be on the board at any one time. Traps can be tripped in any phase, movements, retreats and adjustments. The player cannot increase or decrease the number of seasons a trap is active for once it is set. Units moving more than one space will trigger the explosion as they leave the mined area.

Chameleon The player’s original units (not StP's for Russia) are invisible from the start of the game. Their orders will not be revealed and trerritories occupied and controlled by Chameleons will never be coloured for them, nor will existing colouring be altered. If a player attempts to build in a SC which he wrongly believes he owns, that build is lost for the current year.

Crooks Tourist From Winter 1901 onwards, this player may build in any of the original neutral SC's at the rate of one per year provided he has an SC to support it as usual. The building does not confer ownership of that province - it must be occupied in the normal way. If built in a territory that is mined, it immediately explodes. Where the player is able to order one or more builds in the Winter season and chooses not to build them in a neutral SC (either building all at home or waiving some builds), he will accumulate one credit for future use. The GM will keep a note of credits and in a future build phase the player may build in originally neutral SCs up to the total of credits plus one for that year. Unused credits remain available for the future and you may always ask how manycredits you have stored.

Defensive Armies The player may build, in any adjustment season, a total of two extra armies in any non-SC province which was his country’s colour at the start of the game. These Defensive Armies act as normal armies except that they cannot move or support outside the provinces coloured for his country at the start of the game. They do not need to be built immediately at the start of the game, nor need they be built at the same time, but only two can ever be built and they cannot be replaced if destroyed.

Earthquake In each Spring season this player may affect one province as follows:
i) Make any impassable province passable (apart from provinces rendered impassable as a result of these rules, the impassable provinces are Switzerland, Ireland and Iceland. The GM may declare other unnamed areas initially impassable)
ii) Make any passable province other than a supply centre impassable.
iii) Turn any sea province into a land province; any inland fleets so created are destroyed.
iv) Turn any land province into a sea province; armies drown.

The earthquake order is submitted with the movement orders. The earthquake happens after any retreats. This power does not begin until Spring 1902. A sunken supply center still is an SC and will continue to support a unit. It can be claimed by a fleet like any other SC.

Foreign Build The country playing this rule may build in any centre owned and vacant.

Guild The Guild can gain access to convoy over one sea space for one of its units each turn, e.g. a fleet isn't required to convoy an army from Bre-Lon. The Guild may defer the use of this ability and accumulate convoy spaces. This may also be combined with fleets in the water to allow you to move further. You can always ask how many credits you have stored. If you use more than you have available (accumulated credits plus one for this turn) ("accumulated credits"), none will be used (as it is an illegal order); any unit attempting to use a guild credit will hold, and 1 will be added to the total accumulation. Powers that can change orders are allowed to use Guild credits provided the total number they order is less than the total available, although if they cause the number of credits ordered by all players to be greater than the number available all Guild orders will fail and the number accumulated will increase by one for next turn. Multiple units may use guild credits as long as the total number ordered does not exceed the total available.

Hopper The player’s original units can hop over an adjacent space containing another unit (of any country) into a space adjacent to the space jumped over, provided that both the final and the intervening space are suitable for the hopping unit. Hoppers may be rebuilt if destroyed but the player may never have more than three. The adjacent space may move out of the territory (at any point during the movement phase) without affecting the “hopper”. If you are bounced, you go back to where you started from. An amphibian unit may hopper over both land and sea spaces. A Hopper may continue his movement using Petrol Rationing but his Hop must be the first movement in its series.

Hyperspace Each season this player may link any two provinces on the board for one season only. The link must be designated in advance of the start of that season, as all players may use it. Thus the Winter 1900 placements specify the link for Spring 1901, etc. This power may be used in conjunction with their regular joker one season allowing that player to place 2 Jokers for the season. A link does not mean a unit automatically is transferred to the linked space, it still must move, but the two spaces are considered effectively adjacent.

A fleet can use a Hyperspace link to move to an inland province in the hope that another link will be put in place for the following season. If such a link is not put in place, the fleet is immediately destroyed.

IRA The IRA player may bomb one province each movement phase. The GM rolls 2 six-sided dice: A value of 6-8 explodes the bomb at the end of the turn destroying anything in the province. 4-5 and 9-10 explodes it at the end of the turn in a randomly determined adjacent province. If 3,11 it doesn't blow up and 2,12 destroys a random unit of the owner of the province specified. Bomb explodes after Retreats but before Winter or the next movement.

Leonides The player’s original units (Not StP’s for Russia) if ordered to hold, will annihilate any unit attempting to move to that space. Any power that would change a Leonides order to a hold would enact this power. This power's own units are not immune if a power that can change orders forces one of them to attempt to move to that space.

Macron The first 2 armies of this power are double strength. (Because of winter 1900 rules, if more than 2 armies are built the controller must designate 2 of them as Macron). These armies can not be rebuilt when destroyed. This can be stacked with King making it a 4x power. Macron units using Petrol Rationing can move with the extra power. An attack on a Macron unit cuts all support being provided by that unit.

Neutral Builder Units may be built in any non-SC province in another country's national territory. Each country may only be used twice for this purpose. The neutral country definition will be any neutral territory that is originally colored at the beginning of the game - eg if Russia has taken over CY, CLY would still count as an ENGLISH neutral for this power.

Ornithoper An army starting its move in any capital city may, before normal movement, make a move through one or two provinces not occupied by enemy units (the first of which may be a sea space and the second must be an unoccupied passable land-space. The army then makes its normal move during normal movement - this order must be a move order, and if the move bounces the army finishes the turn in the second space of the initial movement. This power may only be used from Spring 1902. Capital cities are defined as Berlin, Constantinople, London, Moscow, Paris, Rome & Vienna. "An army starting its move in any capital city may, before normal movement, move one or two spaces into an unoccupied passable land-space. If two spaces are moved, the first may be a sea space and may not be occupied by an enemy unit. The army then makes its normal move during normal movement - this order must be a move order, and if the move bounces the army finishes the turn in the second space of the initial movement. This power may only be used from Spring 1902. Capital cities are defined as Berlin, Constantinople, London, Moscow, Paris, Rome & Vienna." An Ornithopter may continue his movement using Petrol Rationing but his Ornithopter movement must be the first set of movements in its series.

Radiation One of this player's original armies may be nominated as a bomb carrier. This army may at some stage be ordered to 'abandon bomb', which destroys the unit entering the space - if the carrier fails to move it is destroyed itself. The bomb is exploded after retreats but before builds. The bombed centre is impassable for one season after its explosion. Once the original bomb has been exploded, the player may build a new bomb-carrier in the Winter of the following year, whether or not the original bomb-carrier was destroyed (ie. If the bomb goes off in Spring 01, you can build a new one in Winter 02). You must BUILD this army, you cannot designate an existing one.

Spring Raid A unit of this country entering an SC in Spring gains control of it immediately although it is not able to build a unit in consequence until the Winter turn. Control is retained until the SC is captured and occupied as usual by another power following a Fall season. This power may not be turned off for the benefit of an ally.

United Nations Can change armies in coastal provinces into fleets and vice versa. This can be done during any winter phase. This can be used as either an offensive or defensive power. You must decide which way you want to use it when you bid for it. If you bid offensive, you can change however many of YOUR units as you wish every winter and you may choose the coast for any fleet where appropriate. If you bid defensive, you may change ONE enemy unit during every winter. If you change an enemy’s army to a fleet in a province with multiple coasts, it will be placed by the GM in the most logical spot depending on where it had come from the previous time. If there is no logical place, then it will be randomly assigned a coast. The unit retains all powers which it previously possessed.

Warmonger The first 2 armies of this power are 1.5 strength of normal units and an enemy unit which is dislodged by an attack from a Warmonger may not retreat and is auto destroyed. (Because of winter 1900 rules, if more than 2 armies are built the controller must designate 2 of them as Warmonger. If less than 2 armies are built in 1900, the next army built will be a Warmonger). These armies cannot be rebuilt if destroyed.

Woodrow Wilson Each spring Woodrow Wilson may specify one order that one other player may not order (if attempted, the unit holds). This negating order must negate the final order given for that unit, so if that unit is the target of Evil Eye/Pirate/Hawkonnen or any other order-changing power you must negate the final order given. In each Fall the player may order an embargo for that year on any one country, in which case that country counts one supply centre less for that year with an effect on its adjustments; the embargo must be announced before the Build phase (ie not later than with Fall retreats). If a power hits the win condition of the game, they would win even if embargoed.

If the target unit is using Petrol Rationing then only the specific part (and any subsequent part if applicable) of the series of orders which is denied by Woodrow Wilson will be affected
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