Fall 1947 Zeus

Played on the Zeus V map. GM: asudevil. Winner: Mprg (USSR)

Fall 1947 Zeus

Postby asudevil » 24 Aug 2012, 04:26

Here is our Fall 1947 results. Again, sorry they are a little late. Im trying hard to keep up to date on these. I really am. But then I realize as I am counting builds. That USSR has just won our game of Zeus. Well done to Morg. I will have an AAR up in a minute.

Retreats are due from Germany. But they dont matter and the game is over. So I will call it here. Again, Congrats to Morg. I didnt even realize how close you were.

Builds are at the end of the thread, as they can not be affected by retreats.

ZeusVictory.gif (87.15 KiB) Viewed 823 times

Nepal to Kazakhstan----Resolved
Burma support India to Bay of Bengal----Resolved
India to Bay of Bengal----Resolved (2v1)
Egypt to Middle East wc----Resolved

Rome support Venice holding.----Resolved
Venice support Rome holding.----Resolved

A Burgundy moves to paris----Resolved
F Low countries holds----Dislodged (2v3) Retreat Needed
F Helgoland bight supports F Low countries to hold.----Resolved
A Gascony holds----Resolved
A Yugo to venice----Bounced (2v2) DISLODGED (1v2) RETREAT NEEDED
A Pie S A Yugo to venice----Resolved

WMS->Marseilles (Mars)----Resolved
Spain S WMS->Mars----Resolved
Paris->Low Countries (LoC)----Resolved (3v2)
Eng.Ch. S Paris->LoC----Resolved
North Sea S Paris->LoC----Resolved
ESS S AO H----Resolved
AO S North Sea H----Resolved
Rum->Yugoslavia (Yug)----Resolved (2v1)
Gre S Rum->Yug----Resolved
Gulf of Bothnia->Baltic Sea----Resolved

F Bay of Bengal support South Pacific Ocean -Indian Ocean----DISLODGED AUTO DISBAND
F Indochina - Canton----Bounced (1v1)
F East China Sea - Canton----Bounced (1v1)
A Tokyo - Korea----Resolved
F Sea of Japan convoy Tokyo - Korea----Resolved
A Saporro - Canada----Resolved
F North Pacific Ocean convoy Saporro - Canada----Resolved
F Alaska support Saporro - Canada----Resolved
F South Pacific Ocean -Indian Ocean----Resolved
F Washington - Panama----Resolved
F Mid Atlantic Ocean----NMR
A California - Washington----Resolved
A New York HOLD----Resolved

Final SC counts
Japan 13SC
Germany 3SC
France 2SC
Britain 3SC
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Re: Fall 1947 Zeus

Postby Mouse » 24 Aug 2012, 05:36

I lived to game end!
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