Diplomacy Clubs - READ THIS FIRST!

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Diplomacy Clubs - READ THIS FIRST!

Postby rick.leeds » 09 Apr 2013, 13:12

Diplomacy Clubs are informal player groups within the Forum, designed to allow groups of friends to organise games within the group.

How to set-up your club.
1. Come up with a club name. This should be easily identifiable to the people in your group of friends.
2. Contact the HELP! group using the Private Messaging system (an explanation of how to do this will be given below if you are unsure) and request a sub-forum be set-up. Make sure you have a minimum of seven site members who will be using the club as you will need to list those members in your PM!
3. You should pass onto the HELP! group your proposed club name and the list of members (usernames) in the PM. If you have more than seven, you don't need to add them all!
4. Admin will then check that the names given exist on site and, if happy, will then create your sub-forum.

Some things to remember.
- Whilst we are happy to take the time to set up your club with it's own sub-forum within the Dip Clubs forum, we won't set up any clubs as official 'forum groups'. This takes much more time. It will just be a subforum, you have to manage any PMs to the group etc on your own
- Similarly, the Dip Club forum - and any sub-forums - will be open forums, which means that any site member can read and post there. This, again, is simply because changing permissions for forums takes a fair amount of time.
- Again, to keep things manageable, we will not set-up sub-forums within your club's sub-forum. Anything you need to do there you should be able to do in a thread.
- We will not be giving moderation roles out for the clubs, unless a member of the club is an established Forum regular.

1. Anything posted in Diplomacy Clubs MUST meet Forum Guidelines.
2. Any games organised by clubs should be set up as FRIENDS games. Whilst it is acceptable to play any category of game, including RANKED games, which are open to all site members, we ask that those with passwords and/or only meant for members of the club, are FRIENDS games. PLEASE RESPECT THIS: we have taken the time to set up the Diplomacy Clubs forum and expect clubs and their members to respect this in return.
3. Membership of a club DOES NOT grant immunity from any sanctions deemed necessary for breaking site rules, up to and including being banned from the site or from the Forum.
4. Should a significant number of members be found to be cheating, including operating multiple accounts, and be sanctioned as a result, the club will be shut down and the sub-forum deleted.
House Rules link.

Using the HELP! group.
1. Go to your Private Message (PM) box (you can do this by clicking on the link which says "x new messages" below the Forum banner).
2. Click on "New PM".
3. On the right of the compose window there is a GROUPS box: click on HELP! then "add".
4. Enter the message title, write your PM, then click "send".
A member of the HELP! group will deal with your request asap.

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