Blind Auction Results and Game Start

5-player game set in Europe as the Versailles Treaty begins to break down; Players bid for control of minor powers. Designed by Pharaoh of nerds and GMd by asudevil. Draw between France (thelastchris) and Germany (BoomstickS)

Re: Blind Auction Results and Game Start

Postby thelastChris » 25 Apr 2012, 10:56

I think you may be right Pharaoh, but it will be interesting at the very least! I was just wondering: I haven't played a game with the Build Centres ( ;) ) before, are they captured in the same manner as an SC (i.e. at the end of the year) or can they be 'captured' by just passing through? :) I'm presuming the former, but I thought I ought to check!
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Re: Blind Auction Results and Game Start

Postby Pharaoh of nerds » 25 Apr 2012, 12:09

The former.
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Re: Blind Auction Results and Game Start

Postby asudevil » 27 Apr 2012, 15:29

The bids are all in. PM's are heading out to individuals in a moment to tell people what they have control over.

Our Spring 01 communication deadline will be 5 days. (then followed by a 24 hour period to get orders in) This makes the deadline 5/2 2:30pm GMT 9:30am EST During this time, you can message each other. You can also message me either to or from Minor Powers. You can still send in provisional orders if you would like

If you message to or from a Minor Power, you have to write it like this....

1933 to Turkey from Rumania

Please put the to first, then the from. I will BCC both parties on all messages, so that you know that the message has left my box.

I will tell you if you control the Minor Power, what your final total was (so you can tell if someone else bid IP's to help you).

Any other questions, either post here, or let me know.
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