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Edwardian (3rd Edition)

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2018, 15:27
by VaeVictis
Here are some ideas for improvements of Edwardian based on observations of games being played on vDiplomacy (

Most alterations seek to improve Britain's defensive position in the British Isles (very difficult with 3 SCs bordering Irish Sea in 2nd Ed.), decrease Germany's compact strength, cause Austria-Hungary to be slightly more compact, and give Turkey more available opening options for SCs (among other things).

Large Map
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Small Map
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Edwardian Diplomacy

Game Commencement
A game of Edwardian Diplomacy begins with the Spring 1901 Orders phase.

Victory Conditions
There are 51 total supply centers and 26 needed to win.

Great Power Home Supply Centers
Austria-Hungary: Vienna (Vie), Budapest (Bud), Trieste (Tri), Zagreb (Zag)
Britain: London (Lon), Belfast (Blf), Cairo (Cai), Edinburgh (Edi), Liverpool (Lvp)
France: Paris (Par), Algiers (Alg), Brest (Bre), Lyon (Lyo), Marseilles (Mar)
Germany: Berlin (Ber), Dresden (Dre), Essen (Ess), Frankfurt (Fra), Kiel (Kie), Stuttgart (Stu)
Italy: Rome (Rom), Bologna (Bol), Milan (Mil), Naples (Nap)
Russia: St. Petersburg (StP), Kiev (Kiv), Moscow (Mos), Riga (Rig), Sevastopol (Sev), Warsaw (War)
Turkey: Constantinople (Con), Damascus (Dam), Erzurum (Erz), Smyrna (Smy)

Initial Placement
Austria-Hungary: Army Vienna (A Vie), Army Bosnia (A Bos), Army Budapest (A Bud), Fleet Trieste (F Tri)
Britain: Fleet London (F Lon), Fleet Cairo (F Cai), Fleet Edinburgh (F Edi), Fleet Gibraltar (F Gib), Army Liverpool (A Lvp)
France: Army Paris (A Par), Army Algiers (A Alg), Fleet Brest (F Bre), Army Lyon (A Lyo), Army Marseilles (A Mar)
Germany: Army Berlin (A Ber), Army Dresden (A Dre), Army Essen (A Ess), Army Frankfurt (A Fra), Fleet Kiel (F Kie), Army Stuttgart (A Stu)
Italy: Army Rome (A Rom), Fleet Apulia (F Apu), Army Milan (A Mil), Fleet Naples (F Nap)
Russia: Army St. Petersburg (A StP), Army Kiev (A Kiv), Army Moscow (A Mos), Fleet Riga (F Rig), Fleet Sevastopol (F Sev), Army Warsaw (A War)
Turkey: Fleet Constantinople (F Con), Army Damascus (A Dam), Army Erzurum (A Erz), Army Macedonia (A Mac)

Special Notes On Placement
Several Armies and Fleets begin the game occupying non-supply center spaces supplied remotely from vacant home supply center spaces. These include: Army Bosnia (A Bos) supplied from Zagreb (Zag); Fleet Gibraltar (F Gib) supplied from Belfast (Blf); Army Macedonia (A Mac) supplied from Smyrna (Smy); Fleet Apulia (F Apu) supplied from Bologna (Bol).

Special Rules & Map Notes
Gibraltar: The Gibraltar (Gib) space functions as it was originally designed in the 1900 variant by B. M. Powell; fleets and armies may occupy the space, Fleets and armies being able to move from both Morocco (Mor) and Spain (Spa). Gibraltar also acts as a sea space for convoys with armies being allowed to be convoyed through a fleet occupying Gibraltar.
Split Coastal Spaces:
- Spain (Spa) is divided into north, west, and south coasts.
- St. Petersburg (StP) is divided into north and south coasts.
Land Bridges: There is a land bridge that connects Belfast (Blf) and Clyde (Cly) for army and fleet movement.
Canal Spaces: Cairo (Cai), Constantinople (Con), and Kiel (Kie) are canal spaces that allow for fleet and army movement without split coasts.
- Ionian Sea (Ion) and Tyrrhenian Sea (Tyr) do not border.
- Denmark (Den) and Sweden (Swe) border for land and sea movement, but Denmark does not split the coast of Sweden (as in Classic Diplomacy).

Aeg – Aegean Sea
Adr – Adriatic Sea
Alb – Albania
Alg – Algiers
Als – Alsace
Ang – Angora
Apu – Apulia
Atl – Atlantic Ocean
Bal – Baltic Sea
Bar – Barents Sea
Bav – Bavaria
Bel – Belgium
Ber – Berlin
Bes – Bessarabia
Bis – Bay of Biscay
Bla – Black Sea
Blf – Belfast
Boh – Bohemia
Bol – Bologna
Bos – Bosnia
Bot – Gulf of Bothnia
Bre – Brest
Bud – Budapest
Bul – Bulgaria
Cai – Cairo
Cen – Central Mediterranean Sea
Cis – Ciscaucasia
Cly – Clyde
Con – Constantinople
Cou – Courland
Cyr – Cyrenaica
Dam – Damascus
Den – Denmark
Dre – Dresden
Eas – Eastern Mediterranean Sea
Edi – Edinburgh
Eng – English Channel
Erz – Erzurum
Ess – Essen
Fin – Finland
Fmk – Finnmark
Fra – Frankfurt
Gal – Galicia
Gas – Gascony
Gib – Gibraltar
GoL – Gulf of Lyon
Gre – Greece
Han – Hanover
Hej – Hejaz
Hel – Helgoland Bight
Ice – Iceland
Ind – Indian Ocean
Ion – Ionian Sea
Iri – Irish Sea
Jab – Jabal Shammar
Kie – Kiel
Kiv – Kiev
Kon – Konya
Lon – London
Lor – Lorraine
Lvp – Liverpool
Lyo – Lyon
Mac – Macedonia
Mar – Marseilles
Mes – Mesopotamia
Mil – Milan
Mon – Montenegro
Mor – Morocco
Mos – Moscow
Nap – Naples
NAt – North Atlantic Ocean
Net – The Netherlands
Nrg – Norwegian Sea
Nth – North Sea
Nwy – Norway
Par – Paris
Pal – Palestine
Per – Persia
Pic – Picardy
Pie – Piedmont
Por – Portugal
Pru – Prussia
Rig – Riga
Rom – Rome
Rum – Rumania
Sax – Saxony
Ser – Serbia
Sev – Sevastopol
Sil – Silesia
Ska – Skagerrak
Smy – Smyrna
Spa – Spain
StP – St. Petersburg
Stu – Stuttgart
Swe – Sweden
Swi – Switzerland
Tra – Transylvania
Tri – Trieste
Trp – Tripolitania
Tun – Tunisia
Tus – Tuscany
Tyn – Tyrrhenian Sea
Tyr – Tyrol
Ukr – Ukraine
Van – Van
Ven – Venetia
Vie – Vienna
Wal – Wales
War – Warsaw
Wes – Western Mediterranean Sea
Yor – Yorkshire
Zag – Zagreb

Re: Edwardian (3rd Edition)

PostPosted: 02 Jun 2018, 16:35
This variant is great! I hope we can play this soon.

Re: Edwardian (3rd Edition)

PostPosted: 09 Jun 2018, 04:15
by Enriador
AKFD wrote:This variant is great! I hope we can play this soon.

I will certainly port it to Edwardian Version 2 is already on vDip:

Re: Edwardian (3rd Edition)

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 22:06
by Enriador
Edwardian 3rd Edition will soon be available for play on, 100% free of charge:

Re: Edwardian (3rd Edition)

PostPosted: 27 Aug 2018, 23:57
Enriador wrote:Edwardian 3rd Edition will soon be available for play on, 100% free of charge:

Will somebody eventually GM this here?
Or has it been GMed?

Re: Edwardian (3rd Edition)

PostPosted: 01 Sep 2018, 01:27
by Enriador
AKFD wrote:
Enriador wrote:Edwardian 3rd Edition will soon be available for play on, 100% free of charge:

Will somebody eventually GM this here?
Or has it been GMed?

2nd/3rd Edition haven't been GM'd here yet. 1st Edition has seem a couple of games here.

2nd Edition is playable right now on vDip (

I can't answer about whether somebody will GM it here. :?

Re: Edwardian (3rd Edition)

PostPosted: 09 Apr 2019, 23:50
by Enriador
The variant has launched on for those interested:

Re: Edwardian (3rd Edition)

PostPosted: 10 Apr 2019, 00:44
Enriador wrote:The variant has launched on for those interested:

Yay! <3