Star Wars: Order 66 Seeking GM

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Star Wars: Order 66 Seeking GM

Postby Woolgie » 06 Apr 2018, 16:44

Star Wars: Order 66

I am now seeking a GM for the first online test of my Diplomacy variant. I have provided a copy of the rules below and welcome any feedback or interest in signing up to play, but first and foremost is anybody interested in GMing this?

Thank you



Star Wars: Order 66 is a Diplomacy variant for six players set in the Star Wars universe in 19 BBY. Players work primarily in teams of two to achieve a supply centre count of 19 or more, but each player is trying to outdo their partner to score the most points overall and be declared the winner.

Except as otherwise indicated, the rules of standard Diplomacy apply.


As soon as exactly one Pair of Powers controls at least 19 SCs AND one of those Powers has more points than the other the game ends immediately and the Player with the most points in the controlling Pair is the winner.

Two Pairs cannot control at least 19 SCs at the same time as there are only 36 SCs in total.

If the two Powers in the controlling Pair are equal on points at the time that Pair achieves control of at least 19 SCs then the game continues until any Pair gains control of at least 19 SCs and the Powers in that Pair are not equal on points.


From 14 BBY onwards any Active Player may propose a draw and a vote shall take place on a draw. The options are to either accept or reject a draw. The proposal does not contain any stipulation on inclusion of Powers in the draw. The Powers that will automatically be included in a draw shall be the one Player from each Active Pair that has the most points, however since points are kept hidden the draw participants will not be known until and if the draw is accepted by all Active Players.

If the Players in any Pair are equal on points and a draw is approved then neither player shall be a participant in the draw. This can result in a solo victory being awarded.


Each SC is worth 100 points for the controlling player and in addition each player starts the game with 500 spendable Diplomacy Points. Points can be spent, in secret and in increments of 25 points, to influence Minor Power Units to submit orders. Spending points in this way will reduce the likelihood of having the most points but may increase the likelihood of capturing more SCs.

Work with your team mate to capture SCs but remember to finish the game with more points than them!


White: Jedi and Red: Rebel Alliance
Black: Sith and Brown: Empire
Blue: Bounty Hunters and Green: The Hutts


Dark Green: Sernpidalians
Light Blue: Keganites
Pink: Reeceen
Yellow: Naboo
Teal: Ewoks


Orange Planets are unoccupied and Dark Orange Planets are SCs. The Lwhekk Asteroid Field is also an SC.


The units are no longer armies and fleets but are now fighters and carriers. A fighter is capable of moving from one space to any adjacent space in one turn. It can move from a planet to another planet, or from planet to space, or from space to planet. It cannot move from space to another space region. A fighter may be convoyed over space squares by a carrier (as an army may by a fleet in standard diplomacy), provided that if it ends the convoy in a space square then it MUST move to a planet in the next turn (it can hold or support, but cannot convoy again). A fighter is capable of occupying and controlling any supply centre on the board, except for the Lwhekk Asteroid Field, which it can only occupy, because this is a space region.

A carrier is capable of moving anywhere on the map (provided that that space is not already occupied, obviously!). A carrier can occupy any supply centre, but can only control SCs that are not a Great Power’s Home SCs. A fighter must be used to control any Great Power Home SCs (yours or an enemies).


The first turn of the game is Spring of 19 BBY (Before Battle of Yavin). The years count down to 0 BBY (the date of the battle of Yavin). After the fall retreats of 0 BBY the game ends in a draw (see Draws above).

Minor Power Units
There are five Minor Powers in the game, each starting with one Fighter Unit. Should any Minor Power be awarded a build the GM shall build a Fighter Unit in the longest standing vacant SC that that Minor Power controls. If no SCs are vacant for that Minor Power then no build shall take place for that Minor Power. Should more than one SC be vacant and have been held for an equal duration then the build location shall be determined by die roll.

Minor power units prevent the Great Powers from simply moving into an unconquered minor power SC without support. To occupy a minor power, a Great Power needs to move in with support.

If a Great Power attacks a minor power and dislodges the minor power’s unit, the GM immediately disbands the minor power unit. If a Major Power moves a unit into an unconquered minor realm and then either moves, retreats, or disbands that unit before the Major Power establishes control of the minor power, the GM rebuilds the minor power’s unit as part of the adjustments that take place during the Fall turn.

The Great Powers may use Diplomacy Points to influence a minor power.

Diplomacy Points (DP)

At the start of the game each Great Power is given 500 DP. They are never replenished or recovered.

Players use their DPs to influence the actions of minor powers. Players allocate their DPs when they submit their movement orders for the Spring and Fall turns. Each player may allocate none, some, or all his or her DPs in any Spring or Fall movement turn. Points must be allocated in increments of 25. When allocating DPs, the allocating player submits an order telling the GM how to use the DPs (i.e., to have a minor power unit hold, move, or support). A Player may allocate DPs to more than one Minor Power or more than one unit of the same Minor Power so long as the allocation to each Unit is in increments of 25. A Player may, if they wish, allocate all 500 DPs to one Unit in one turn.

Players do not have to tell each other how they allocated their DPs or honor their agreements with each other. Only the GM will know how the players allocated their DPs. The GM does not publish DP allocations in the adjudication. Instead, the GM only publishes the results.

If, during a Spring or Fall turn, a player allocates more DPs than he or she is entitled to the DPs allocated will be cut to the entitlement amount.

If two Great Powers allocate DPs to the same Unit and order differing orders then the order with the most DPs allocated will be processed. Should two Great Powers allocate DPs to the same U it and order the same order then those DPs will be added together to potentially outbid any other DP allocations from other Players. Where there is a tie in DPs allocated to different orders and no other DP allocation to that same unit exceeds this tied value then the order to be processed shall be determined by the GM by die roll.

Should the processed order be invalid it will still be processed and therefore the Minor Power Unit will hold.

Limitation on DPs
If a Great Power is attacking (or supporting an attack on) a minor power Unit, that Great Power may not allocate DPs to that minor power Unit during the turn the attack or support is taking place. This rule prevents a Great Power from allocating DPs to a minor power Unit for the purpose of having the minor power unit move, thereby making it ineligible to receive support during the Great Power’s attack on that minor power.

Great Powers may only build in Home SCs. They may build as many Units as the number of vacant Home SCs allows, provided that their number of Units in the game never exceeds their number of controlled SCs.


It is the responsibility of a Player to provide a substitute should they not be able to continue. If they cannot, the GM will assign a substitute to them.


Lwhekkk Asteroid Field
This SC can only be reached by Carriers and therefore requires a Carrier to capture it. Should a Fighter travel to the Lwhekk Asteroid Field the move will succeed and then the unit will be lost since it cannot move to a planet on its next turn.

Inner Core
The Inner Core is not a traversable region and is impassible.

I am aware I have not put all the names on the regions and I would like to work with the GM on the art work before doing this.
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Re: Star Wars: Order 66 Seeking GM

Postby Don Juan of Austria » 06 Apr 2018, 16:57

I'd watch this. Very cool! :) hope you get a GM!
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Re: Star Wars: Order 66 Seeking GM

Postby Woolgie » 08 Apr 2018, 14:14

Bump. Any takers?
I ran Play Diplomacy League for a time and then I set it free
Redesigning my Star Wars variant
Still proud of my solo in Versailles Fog Chaos
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