Italian Wars (1494-1559)

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Italian Wars (1494-1559)

Postby war_horses » 20 Mar 2018, 19:51


I just created this map. The historical Background are the Italian Wars (U can find it on Wikipedia), but of course it s not an exact recreation of the political Situation.

It s justa first drawing that I made lefthanded (cause my right hand is broken, which gave me the sparetime to draw this map;) with paint. So dont Expect too much.
I did not the names yet and still not sure about everything actually.
So I am loking forward for your critis.

To see the map follow the link below
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Re: Italian Wars (1494-1559)

Postby Enriador » 21 Mar 2018, 22:12

I wasn't expecting much, but it's actually a pretty good map! Venice might have too strong a defense though.

What is the starting year - 1494?

Milan has only two home centers?

Is it Build Anywhere?

Are there mountain passes?
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