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New Variant: Emergence (USA)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 15:45
by joe92
A variant of the USA.

In the mid 21st century things went astray in the USA. In a bid to stay self sufficient with food demands scientists pushed ahead with more and more genetic modification of crops. Lobbyists continued to lean on politicians to reduce regulation and loosen the FDA's powers. Until eventually it culminated in the one mistake that would change everything. A crop was created that could extract more nutrients from the soil than ever before and contained a natural pesticide within it's cell structure. It would be able to create multiple yields per year with a yield return rate nearing 100%. It was a dream crop, but the side effect was that it was essentially a weed that would destroy anything in it's path. It could spread faster than any previously known weed to man. The pesticides were also within the roots; any soil which it grew in became inhospitable to any other plant. Insufficient testing as a result of reduced regulation and a weak and corrupted FDA saw this crop released to the public, for greed. It was a disaster. Within years entire landscapes were reduced to a mono-culture of this single crop. Insects couldn't adapt and died. With them entire food chains soon followed. Trees were also affected. Forests and woodland's were slowly shrinking. People could no longer survive in the countryside and retreated to the megalopolises of the US. With huge populations and tightly controlled borders the weed was unable to spread further, and eventually, trapped in the horrific landscape of it's own creating the crop began to extract more nutrients from the soil than it was replacing. It could no longer sustain itself. It began to die out. Slowly the ground was recovered. It was largely desert now. It would take decades to return to the nutrient rich landscape it once was. This was not the problem. Patience would have restored the country, but the years of controlled rations and authoritarian laws regarding movement had created stark political differences in the main 11 regions. No one could agree on the future the US should take. Before long each became a separate state bidding for control of the historical United States of America. Some city states separated entirely and declared neutrality. War was on the brink of starting. Who would emerge the victor?

The Map
emergence-blank-canvas-v2.png (61.62 KiB) Viewed 3161 times

Game Start
The game begins in Spring 2160.

Supply Centres
There are two types of supply centres.

Standard supply centre - denoted by the round centre markings on the map. This is the usual supply centre. Capture one and your build count is increased by one.
Stronghold supply centre - denoted by the star centre marking on the map. This is a building supply centre. Capture one and your build count is increased by one and in future winters you may use this centre as a build location as long as it's under your control. Additionally, on the first winter when you capture a coastal Stronghold supply centre you may Convert your unit type. See the heading "Stronghold Unit Convert" below.

There are 67 total supply centres.

They are split:
45 Standard supply centres
22 Stronghold supply centres

Victory Conditions
You need 34 supply centres to solo.

The Powers
There are 11 playable powers. These are, along with their starting units:

Arizona Sun Corridor - 3 home centres - A Pho, A Tuc, A ElP
Cascadia - 3 home centres - A Sea, A Por, A Boi
Florida - 3 home centres - F Mia, A Jvl, A Tam
Front Range - 3 home centres - A Den, A Col, A Alb
Great Lakes - 4 home centres - A Chi, F Mil, A Det, A Cle
Gulf Coast - 3 home centres - A New, A Mob, A Bro
Northeast - 4 home centres - A NYC, A Bos, F Phl, A D.C.
Northern California - 3 home centres - A S.F., A Sac, A Ren
Piedmont Atlantic - 3 home centres - A Atl, A Nas, A Ral
Southern California - 3 home centres - A L.A., A San, A Veg
Texas Triangle - 3 home centres - A Dal, A Aus, A Okl

Four of these powers are completely landlocked and will need to capture a Stronghold centre to be able to build fleets. They are Arizona Sun Corridor, Front Range, Piedmont Atlantic and Texas Triangle.

All powers start off with only armies apart from Florida, Great Lakes and Northeast, who each start with a single fleet apiece.

You may build in any of your home supply centres plus any Strongholds you capture.

Fortified Neutrals
All neutral Stronghold centres contain a neutral enemy unit that must be dislodged in order to capture the centre. There are 4 neutral stronghold's in Canda, 4 in Mexico and 3 in neutral zones in USA.

You may support a neutral to hold.

Stronghold Unit Convert
On the first winter immediately following the capture of a coastal Stronghold supply centre, you may choose to convert your army or fleet into the opposite unit. This is only valid for the very first winter after capturing a Stronghold and only applies that specific unit. Please write the order as close to the following example:

Convert Army Cha to Fleet

If it is not clear you want to Convert the unit it will be seen as an illegal order and the opportunity will have passed. Whenever you capture a Stronghold, whether it was yours and you lost it but now reclaimed it, or whether it is a new Stronghold to you, you may use the Convert option.

Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay is the inlet of water that comes in from the North Atlantic Ocean all the way up to Washington D.C.. In this game a fleet may move from NAO straight to D.C. and vice versa. They do not need to go through Delaware or Virginia first. A fleet in D.C. must obey normal coastal crawl rules if they wish to move to another land territory. This means to say a fleet in D.C. cannot move to Philadelphia or vice versa.

Chesapeake Bay does not impede army movement. An army in Delaware may move directly to Virginia and vice versa.

Bahamas are a special territory that acts like both a sea space and an island. An army may be convoyed to the Bahamas and convoyed off. An army may not move directly to the Bahamas, even from Bayamo, but must be convoyed. A fleet within the Bahamas may act like a normal fleet as part of a convoy chain.

Florida Keys
Florida Keys is a land territory and acts only as a land territory. For size reasons I needed to cut through the sea space to get the label in. A fleet in the Keys may not convoy.

The Great Lakes
The geographical region, not the power. Fleets may move through the great lakes like they are sea spaces. They may convoy armies if they are occupying a lake. Fleets may move directly from one lake to a neighbouring lake. E.g. A fleet in Huron may move directly to Erie. They may also convoy as such. E.g. With fleets in Superior, Huron and Erie you may convoy an army from Minnesota to Cleveland.

To enter or leave the great lakes you must travel through the St. Lawrence river. This cuts through Montreal and forms the boundary for Ottawa and Mohawk. A fleet must therefore travel through Montreal and either Ottawa or Mohawk to enter or leave the Great Lakes.

Travelling through the Arctic and to Hudson Bay
Fleets are able to navigate through the Arctic to travel from West to East or vice versa, either going straight through the Arctic or going via Hudson Bay.

A fleet in the Sea of Cascadia may travel to Hudson Bay or Gulf of St. Lawrence, and a fleet in Gulf of St. Lawrence may travel to Hudson Bay or Sea of Cascadia. Fleets in North Pacific Ocean or North Atlantic Ocean may only travel directly to Hudson Bay. A fleet in Hudson Bay may travel to any of those 4 sea spaces.

Fleets travel as normal. They arrive with full strength. Fleets may convoy as normal and support as normal. This means that for example, with fleets in NAO and Hudson Bay you could convoy an army from Pamlico to Winnipeg.

The following examples are valid orders:
F GSL - Hud
F GSL s F NAO - Hud
F Hud s F SOC - GSL
F NAO s F NPO - Hud

The following examples are invalid orders:

Please note: Ontario and Quebec have coasts. A fleet on the East Coast of Quebec cannot move to Hudson Bay or Sea of Cascadia, and vice versa. It must move to Gulf of St. Lawrence first.

Panama Canal
Fleets are also able to travel through Panama. Panama is a neutral territory which provides a crossing space for fleets using the Canal. A fleet may move to Panama and then the following season out to the other side. Panama borders only South Pacific Ocean and Western Gulf of Mexico. An army may be convoyed to Panama and off again.

A fleet within Panama cannot be part of a convoy chain.

Be careful though, while you focus on preventing an opponent travelling through the Panama canal they might just capture a Stronghold centre on your coastline and build a fleet there instead.

All territories are abbreviated to the first 3 letters unless otherwise denoted on the map. Salt Lake City for example is just Sal.

For the territories which are US or Canadian states you may choose to use the standard state 2-letter abbreviation (with the exception of Louisiana as LA is already used). Both the 3-letter abbreviation and the 2-letter abbreviation will be accepted. A full list of the state codes that can be used in this game can be found below.

Abbreviation Conflicts
Chicago (Chi) and Chihuahua (Chh) and Chickasaw (Ckw)
Jackson (Jac) and Jacksonville (Jvl)
Minnesota (Min) and Minneapolis (Mps)
Mississippi (Mis) and Missouri (Mso)
Montreal (Mon) and Montana (Mnt) and Monterrey (Mry)
New Orleans (New) and New Mexico (NMe)
Tampa (Tam) and Tampico (Tmp) and Tamaulipas (Tps)

Full list of territories and their abbreviations
Code: Select all
/*** A ***/
Ala => Alabama
Alb => Albuquerque
Ama => Amarillo
Apa => Apache
Ark => Arkansas
Atl => Atlanta
Aus => Austin

/*** B ***/
Bah => Bahamas
Bak => Bakersfield
Bay => Bayamo
Bha => Birmingham
Big => Big Bend
Blu => Blue Mountains
Boi => Boise
Bos => Boston
BRM => Blue Ridge Mountains
Bro => Brownsville
Bru => Brunswick
Buf => Buffalo

/*** C ***/
Cal => Calgary
Cap => Caprock Escarpment
Ced => Cedar Keys
Cha => Charleston
Che => Cherokee
Chh => Chihuahua
Chi => Chicago
Ckw => Chickasaw
Cle => Cleveland
Coa => Coahuila
Col => Colorado Springs
Cor => Corpus Christi

/*** D ***/
Dak => Dakotas
Dal => Dallas
DC => Washington D.C.
Dea => Death Valley
Del => Delaware
Den => Denver
Det => Detroit
Dur => Durango

/*** E ***/
Edw => Edwards Plateau
Elp => El Paso

EGM => Eastern Gulf of Mexico
EPO => East Pacific Ocean
Eri => Lake Erie

/*** F ***/
Fre => Fresno

/*** G ***/
Geo => Georgia
GPL => Great Plains
Gra => Grand Canyon

GOB => Gulf of Batabano
GOC => Gulf of California
GSL => Gulf of St. Lawrence

/*** H ***/
Hal => Halifax
Hav => Havana
Hel => Helena
Her => Hermosillo
Hou => Houston

Hur => Lake Huron

/*** I ***/
Ida => Idaho
Ill => Illinois
Ind => Indiana
Iow => Iowa

/*** J ***/
Jac => Jackson
Jvl => Jacksonville

/*** K ***/
Kan => Kansas
KCY => Kansas City
Ken => Kentucky
Key => Florida Keys
Kia => Kiamichi
Kis => Kissimmee
Kla => Klamath Mountains
Kof => Kofa

/*** L ***/
LA => Los Angeles
Lap => La Paz
Lla => Llano
Lou => Louisiana

LMI => Lake Michigan
LON => Lake Ontario

/*** M ***/
Mai => Maine
Maz => Mazatlan
Mem => Memphis
Mia => Miami
Mic => Michigan
Mil => Milwaukee
Min => Minnesota
Mis => Mississippi
Mnt => Montana
Mob => Mobile
Moh => Mohawk
Mon => Montreal
Mps => Minneapolis
Mry => Monterrey
Mso => Missouri

MAO => Mid Atlantic Ocean

/*** N ***/
Nas => Nashville
Nav => Navajo
Neb => Nebraska
Nev => Nevada
New => New Orleans
NMe => New Mexico
NYC => New York City

NAO => North Atlantic Ocean
NPO => North Pacific Ocean

/*** O ***/
Ohi => Ohio
Okl => Oklahoma City
Ont => Ontario
Ott => Ottawa

/*** P ***/
Pam => Pamlico
Pan => Panama
Pen => Pennsylvania
Phl => Philadelphia
Pho => Pheonix
Por => Portland

/*** Q ***/
Que => Quebec

/*** R ***/
Ral => Raleigh
Ren => Reno
Roc => Rockies

/*** S ***/
Sab => Sabine
Sac => Sacremento
Sal => Salt Lake City
San => San Diego
Sas => Saskatchewan
Sea => Seattle
SF => San Francisco
Sha => Shawnee
Sie => Sierra
Sin => Sinaloa
Son => Sonora
Stl => St. Louis

SOC => Sea of Cascadia
SOF => Straits of Florida
SPO => South Pacific Ocean
Sup => Lake Superior

/*** T ***/
Tal => Tallahassee
Tam => Tampa
Tij => Tijuana
Tmp => Tampico
Tps => Tamaulipas
Tor => Toronto
Tuc => Tucson
Tul => Tulsa

/*** U ***/
UMI => Upper Michigan
Ump => Umpqua
Uta => Utah

/*** V ***/
Van => Vancouver
Veg => Vegas
Ver => Vermont
Vir => Virginia

/*** W ***/
Wes => West Virginia
Whi => White Lakes
Win => Winnipeg
Wis => Wisconsin
Wyo => Wyoming

WFS => West Florida Shelf
WGM => Western Gulf of Mexico

/*** Y ***/
Yak => Yakama

/*** Z ***/
Zac => Zacatecas

Accepted 2-letter State code abbreviations
Please note that Louisiana is missing as LA is already a territory name.
Code: Select all
AL => Alabama
AR => Arkansas
GA => Georgia
ID => Idaho
IL => Illinois
IN => Indiana
IA => Iowa
KS => Kansas
KY => Kentucky
ME => Maine
MI => Michigan
MN => Minnesota
MS => Mississippi
MO => Missouri
MT => Montana
NE => Nebraska
NV => Nevada
NM => New Mexico
OH => Ohio
PA => Pennsylvania
UT => Utah
VT => Vermont
VA => Virginia
WV => West Virginia
WI => Wisconsin
WY => Wyoming

NB => [New] Brunswick
ON => Ontario
QC => Quebec
SK => Saskatchewan

Standard diplomacy rules apply.

The auto-disband procedure for this game is as follows:

  1. Remove the farthest unit from any of your home supply centres in your control.
    a. Should you have no home supply centres in your control then the nearest Stronghold supply centre to your original home supply centres will be seen as your home supply centre.
    b. Should you have no Stronghold supply centres then the nearest Standard supply centre to your original home supply centres will be seen as your home supply centre.
    c. If following a or b two centres are equally distant then the first in alphabetical order by name will be chosen.
  2. If units are equally distant, then remove Fleets before Armies.
  3. If multiple Fleets or Armies are equally distant then remove in alphabetical order by the provinces in which they're located.

Playing this map
If you like the look of this map and would be interested in playing it please say so.

If you have any critiques please don't hold back. I'm open to suggestions.

Re: New Variant: Emergence (USA)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 16:03
by Big Gun
Love it Joe. I'll play.

Re: New Variant: Emergence (USA)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 16:24
by palmtaiga
nice love to try a game at this

Re: New Variant: Emergence (USA)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 16:55
by bishopbandit
I'd love to play.

Re: New Variant: Emergence (USA)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 17:29
by asudevil
Im in

Re: New Variant: Emergence (USA)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 17:44
by joe92
Thank you for the enthusiasm so far! :D I'll be putting out a recruitment thread once ModEx ends and your names will be on the shortlist.

Re: New Variant: Emergence (USA)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 18:05
by Nanook
I would play the hell out of this.

I would say that maybe the Artic rule should more closely mirror the Suez Canal rule from 1900 to be balanced, if input is being sought....but that's something a run through or 2 should reveal, somim pointing it out more as something to maybe keep an eye on than something I think should be changed.

Re: New Variant: Emergence (USA)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 18:39
by joe92
Whoops, forgot to put the Gulf of California in. In now.

nanooktheeskimo wrote:I would play the hell out of this.


nanooktheeskimo wrote:I would say that maybe the Artic rule should more closely mirror the Suez Canal rule from 1900 to be balanced, if input is being sought....but that's something a run through or 2 should reveal, somim pointing it out more as something to maybe keep an eye on than something I think should be changed.

Input is always welcome! I had thought about that, but in an aim to encourage movement around the Arctic I thought I'd opt for the support rules as put down. It will hopefully makes the map more circular with movement more flowing in both directions. But as you say, if it proves imbalanced I can easily change it to mirror the 1900 movement rules or similar instead.

Re: New Variant: Emergence (USA)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 18:57
by Nanook
Don't get me wrong...I'm excited to see how it goes with movement at normal strength. I think a fully circular board is pretty cool! I'm just pointing it out as something to keep a close eye on, as it strikes me as something that could unbalance the board.

Re: New Variant: Emergence (USA)

PostPosted: 06 Feb 2018, 19:02
by Don Juan of Austria
Looks great! And would love to play.

Victory Conditions
You need 34 supply centres to solo.

Just the button right of the map says 33.