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Modern Extended Diplomacy - Design Thread

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2015, 01:01
by joe92
Edit - 2015-07-02 - Updated map added movement around the cape.
Edit - 2015-09-03 - Updated map, adding 2 canals and central Europe river system.
Edit - 2016-01-20 - Updated map, adding the new country East Africa, split Sevastopol into 2 territories Kherson and Sev of which Sev is a neutral centre and with a canal between them, 4 new supply centres overall increasing the count to 89 and cosmetic changes improving the text and boundaries.
Edit - 2016-04-05 - Updated map, merged 2 territories - Tamanrasset and Adrar - into a single territory while pulling the border for Tindouf down to Mali
Edit - 2016-04-10 - Added a full list of territories and their abbreviations
Edit - 2016-07-29 - Clarified rules for fleet movement in rivers
Edit - 2017-07-18 - Version 2 of ModEx. Many changes made as per this post
Edit - 2017-07-26 - Adjusted Egypt's starting centres. Egypt starts with an army in Alexandria.
Edit - 2017-07-27 - Darker rivers for better contrast between rivers and surroundings
Edit - 2017-07-28 - Better clarification of river movement rules
Edit - 2017-10-21 - Clarification that movement around the cape does cut support.
Edit - 2018-12-13 - Version 3 of ModEx. Several changes made as per this post


Below is an extended canvas of Diplomacy which has been modernised a little to include countries of today plus two fictional alliances, West Africa and East Africa. I started this a fair old while ago, I think about 2 years ago, and have recently got back to finishing it.

Version 2 of this map has now been created, July 2017.
Version 3 of this map has now been created, December 2018.

modern-extended-starting-canvas-V10-map-blank.png (83.38 KiB) Viewed 3859 times

Game Start
The game starts in Spring 2015. The annexation of Crimea has happened but the region is in a state of conflict and thus Sevastopol is a neutral supply centre.

Supply Centres
There are 97 total supply centres.

These are split into:
57 home centres
40 neutral centres

And also split:
Europe (inc. Russia and Turkey)
- 56 total
- 36 home
- 20 neutral

- 29 total
- 16 home
- 13 neutral

Middle East and Caucasus
- 12 total
- 5 home
- 7 neutral

Victory Conditions
You need 40 supply centres to solo.

If two players reach 40 supply centres on the same year they may choose to end the game in a 2-way draw (the other players don't get a vote) or battle it out until there is either an outright solo or only 1 player left with 40+ supply centres. You need 49 supply centres to achieve an outright solo.

The Powers
There are 15 playable powers. These are, along with the starting units:
Egypt - 3 home centres - F (Cai), A (Ale), A (Asw)
Ethiopia - 3 home centres - A (Dji), A (Eth), F (Ken)
Guinea - 3 home centres - A (Con), A (Kan), F (Gnb)
Nigeria - 3 home centres - A (Abu), A (Sok), F (Lag)
Poland - 3 home centres - A (War), A (Kra), F (Gda)
Ukraine - 3 home centres - A (Kie), F (Khe), A (Ode)

Algeria - 4 home centres - F (Alg), A (Ora), A (Oua), A (Tam)
Britain - 4 home centres - F (Lon), F (Edi), A (Liv), F (Gib)
Germany - 4 home centres - F (Ber), F (Ham), A (Fra), A (Mun)
Italy - 4 home centres - A (Rom), A (Mil), F (Nap), F (Ven)
Spain - 4 home centres - A (Mad), A (Sve), F (Bar), F (Can)
Turkey - 4 home centres - F (Ank), F (Izm), A (Ist), A (Ada)

France - 5 home centres - A (Par), A (Lyo), A (Mar), F (Bre), F (Bor)
Iran - 5 home centres - A (Teh), F (Ras), A (Mas), F (Bus), F (Ban)
Russia - 5 home centres - A (Mos), F (Stp), A (Kar), F (Vol), A (Ufa)

Note: The unit for Rostov-on-Don starts in Volga.

View map with starting units
modern-extended-starting-canvas-V10-map-with-units.png (86.13 KiB) Viewed 3859 times

Production Supply Centres
The powers with 3 home supply centres, and Britain, all have an additional production supply centre on the board. Once captured, they may build in this territory as if it were a home centre. Only they may build there. Other powers cannot take advantage of these production supply centres. So while some powers may start off with only 3 centres, all powers have the ability to build in 4 or 5 centres on the board.

They are identified on the map by the colouration of the supply centre, but for clarity's sake:
Britain - Ireland
Egypt - Israel
Ethiopia - Somalia
Guinea - Sierra Leone
Nigeria - Cameroon
Poland - Lithuania
Ukraine - Sevastopol

Land Bridges
There are 5 "land bridges". They are indicated on the map with the red double ended arrows. A land bridge provides a crossing between two territories with a narrow sea between them. Both armies and fleets can utilise a land bridge. They are located between:

1 - Clyde / Ireland
2 - Gibraltar / Morocco
3 - Naples / Sicily
4 - Sevastopol / Rostov-on-Don
5 - Djibouti / Yemen

Canary Islands
While it is an island on the map the Canary Islands are seen as an extension of the African mainland for purposes of army movement. An army in Canary Islands may move to Morocco or Western Sahara without a convoy, and an army in either of those territories may similarly move to Canary Islands. Additionally, a fleet is not restricted in any way by the Canary Islands. A fleet in Morocco may still move to Western Sahara and vice versa, or may move to Canary Islands. A fleet may also convoy an army through the Canary Islands. E.g. With a fleet in MAO and a fleet in CAN you may convoy an army from SVE to WSA.

There are 6 canals. They act as canals do in other versions of diplomacy. They allow the free movement of fleets through the territory. They are:

1 - Hamburg. The Kiel canal. A fleet can move from the Baltic Sea to Hamburg and out to Heligoland Bight.
2 - Cairo. The Suez canal. A fleet can move from the Red Sea to Cairo to the Eastern Mediterranean.
3 - Rostov-on-Don and Volga. The Volga-Don canal. A fleet can move from the Caspian Sea to Volga to Rostov-on-Don and out to the Sea of Azov or the Eastern Black Sea.
4 - Bordeaux and Toulouse. Canal du Midi. A fleet can move from the Bay of Biscay to Bordeaux to Toulouse and out into the Gulf of Lyon.
5 - Karelia and St. Petersburg. White Sea canal. A fleet can move from the Gulf of Bothnia to St. Petersburg to Karelia and out to the White Sea or Murmansk.
6 - Kherson. Crimean canal. A fleet can move from the Western Black Sea to Kherson and out to the Sea of Azov.

Please note: You cannot convoy armies through a canal.

There are also 4 rivers which are navigable. Two of these rivers have been split into 2 sections, the lower and upper. The rivers are:

1 - Rhine. Starts in Switzerland and empties into the North Sea between the Netherlands and Belgium. This river is split into the Lower Rhine (LRH) and Upper Rhine (URH). The river splits where the Main joins the river.
2 - Main. Entirely within Germany. It starts on the border with Austria and empties into the Rhine on the border with Alsace. An unseen canal (Europa canal) connects the Main to the Danube.
3 - Rhone. Starts in Switzerland and empties into the Ligurian Sea. An unseen canal connects the Rhone to the Rhine allowing fleets to continue northwards.
4 - Danube. Starts on the Austria/Germany border and empties into the Western Black Sea. This river is split into the Lower Danube (LDB) and Upper Danube (UDB). The river splits at the border between Hungary/Serbia/Rumania.

A fleet within a river may treat it as if it were a sea territory. They can support units in neighbouring territories, can convoy armies and can move to territories that border it (a fleet in the Main may move to Munich for example).

Fleet movement rules
A fleet may move into the river territories such as the Lower Danube. The may also move into the territories that border rivers, so for the LDB that is Rumania, Bulgaria, Serbia and at the very edge there Hungary. A fleet in a river can move to the territory at the edge of the river segment. I.e. LRH to Baden-Württemberg, URH to Ruhr and Lyon, RHO to Alsace, MAI to Alsace and Austria/Czechia, UDB to Munich and Rumania/Serbia, LDB to Hungary. If a fleet moves into one of the territories bordering a river segment they may "coastal crawl" to other bordering territories either directly upstream or downstream on the same river bank, or they may cross the river to the territory opposite. So a fleet in Czechia for example may move to Munich, Slovakia, Austria or back into the Upper Danube river or the Main river. The same goes for support orders. A fleet may also convoy armies up or a down a river but only if they are in the river territory and only to the territories it borders. I.e. A fleet in the LDB can convoy to Rum/Bul/Ser/Hun, a fleet in Serbia cannot convoy. You may also convoy chain all the way through a river. It's possible therefore for an army in London to convoy to Sevastopol if there were fleets in ENG / LRH / MAI / UDB / LDB / WBS.

Armies however, just see the rivers as borders. Armies may cross the rivers as if they were not there, regardless of whether there is a fleet within the river or not. E.g. If there is a fleet in the UDB and an army in Czechia, the army may move to Austria; the fleet in UDB does not obstruct the movement.

- A fleet may move into a river segment.
- A fleet may move into a territory bordering a river segment.
- A fleet within a river segment may move into the territory at the very edge of that segment. E.g. Hungary is at the very edge of the Lower Danube.
- A fleet may coastal crawl through territories that border river segments. E.g. Bulgaria - Serbia or Alsace - Lyon are legal orders.
- A fleet may cross the river to territories bordering the river on the opposite side. E.g. Rumania - Serbia or Marseilles - Switzerland are legal orders.
- A fleet may support an army in, or moving to, a territory bordering a river segment.
- The above rules are only valid so long as the territories share a common river border. I.e. A fleet in Austria may not move to or support to Switzerland or Baden-Württemberg, and vice versa.
- A fleet within a river segment may convoy armies. A fleet within a bordering territory may not convoy armies.
- An army is not obstructed in any way by rivers, regardless of whether a fleet is occupying them or not. As far as an army is concerned the rivers do not exist.
- An army may not move into a river segment.

There is considered 4-way movement in the territories where the rivers enter seas. By this what is meant is that a fleet in the Netherlands may move to the North Sea, Belgium or the Lower Rhine. The Lower Rhine does not prevent the fleet from reaching Belgium. The same for the Rhone and Lower Danube.

Fleets must still be built in coastal territories. Germany may not build fleets in Munich or Frankfort and France may not build fleets in Lyon.

Movement around "The Cape"
A fleet in the Gulf of Guinea or South Atlantic Ocean can move to the Indian Ocean and vice versa. A fleet making this journey from the Indian Ocean around the cape arrives at it's destination with 1/2 strength. A fleet making this journey from the Gulf of Guinea or South Atlantic Ocean arrives at it's destination with full strength. A fleet in the Gulf of Guinea or South Atlantic Ocean cannot support a fleet in the Indian Ocean and vice versa. A fleet in the Gulf of Guinea cannot support a fleet in the South Atlantic Ocean moving to Indian Ocean, and vice versa. However a fleet in Togo could support a fleet in the Indian Ocean moving to the Gulf of Guinea; it would arrive with 1.5 strength. Similarly a fleet in Somalia could support a fleet in the Gulf of Guinea or South Atlantic Ocean moving to the Indian Ocean; it would arrive with 2 strength.

A fleet in Gabon cannot move around the cape to the Indian Ocean and the same goes to a fleet in Kenya wanting to move to the Gulf of Guinea or South Atlantic Ocean. The fleet must first move to the Gulf of Guinea or the Indian Ocean respectively.

A fleet that moves around the cape and bounces back will cut any given support from the fleet on the other side.

A fleet may retreat around the cape provided the territory on the other side is available to retreat to.

Armies can be convoyed around the cape provided you have a fleet in both the Gulf of Guinea / South Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean. An army convoyed around the cape arrives with 1/2 strength. For example, you could convoy an army from SOM to BEN if you had fleets in GOG and IND, however if an enemy moved an army from BUR to BEN the convoy would fail (0.5 vs 1) and the enemy's move would succeed.

All territories are abbreviated to their first 3 letters unless otherwise denoted on the map.

Abbreviation conflicts
Sevastopol (SEV) and Seville (SVE)
Ghana (GHA) and Ghardia (GHD)
Mali (MAL) and Maltese Sea (MLS)
Norway (NOR) and Norwegian Sea (NWG)
Liberia (LIB) and Libyan Sea (LBN)
Albania (ALB) and Al Bawiti (ABA)
Guinea (GUI) and Guinea Bissau (GNB)
Belgium (BEL) and Belarus (BLR)
Barcelona (BAR) and Barents Sea (BRN)
Conakry (CON) and Congo (Cgo)

Full list of territories and their abbrevaitions
Ordered alphabetically and split between land and sea spaces.
Code: Select all
/*** A ***/
Aba => Al Bawiti
Abu => Abuja
Ada => Adana
Alb => Albania
Ale => Alexandria
Alg => Algiers
Alk => Al Kharija
Als => Alsace
And => Andorra
Ank => Ankara
Ant => Antalya
Apu => Apulia
Arm => Armenia
Asw => Aswan
Aus => Austria
Aze => Azerbaijan

ADR => Adriatic Sea
AEG => Aegean Sea
ARA => Arabian Sea
ARC => Arctic Ocean

/*** B ***/
Ban => Bandar Abbas
Bad => Baden-Württemberg
Bar => Barcelona
Bec => Bechar
Bel => Belgium
Ben => Benin
Ber => Berlin
Bgz => Benghazi
Bil => Bilbao
Bls => Belarus
Bor => Bordeaux
Bos => Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bre => Brest
Bul => Bulgaria
Bur => Burkina Faso
Bus => Bushehr

BAL => Baltic Sea
BOB => Bay of Biscay
BRN => Barents Sea

/*** C ***/
Cai => Cairo
Caf => Central African Republic
Can => Canary Islands
Cau => Caucasus
Cam => Cameroon
Civ => Cote D'Ivoire
Cha => Chad
Cly => Clyde
Cng => Congo
Con => Conakry
Cre => Crete
Cro => Croatia
Crp => Central Russian Plateau
Cze => Czechia

CAS => Caspian Sea

/*** D ***/
Den => Denmark
Del => Delta
Dji => Djibouti
Don => Donetsk

/*** E ***/
Edi => Edinburgh
Epr => Eastern Province
Eri => Eritrea
Est => Estonia
Eth => Ethiopia

EBS => Eastern Black Sea
EME => Eastern Mediterranean
ENG => English Channel

/*** F ***/
Fez => Fezzan
Fin => Finland
Fra => Frankfurt

/*** G ***/
Gab => Gabon
Gda => Gdansk
Geo => Georgia
Ghd => Ghardaia
Gha => Ghana
Gib => Gibraltar
Gor => Gorky
Gra => Granada
Gre => Greece
Gnb => Guinea Bissau
Gui => Guinea

GOA => Gulf of Aden
GOB => Gulf of Bothnia
GOG => Gulf of Guinea
GOL => Gulf of Lyon

/*** H ***/
Ham => Hamburg
Hun => Hungary

HEL => Heligoland Bight

/*** I ***/
Ice => Iceland
Ila => Ilam
Ill => Illizi
Ira => Iraq
Ire => Ireland
Isf => Isfahan
Isr => Israel
Ist => Istanbul
Izm => Izmir

IND => Indian Ocean
ION => Ionian Sea
IRI => Irish Sea

/*** J ***/
Jed => Jeddah
Jor => Jordan

/*** K ***/
Kan => Kankan
Kar => Karelia
Kaz => Kazakhstan
Ken => Kenya
Ker => Kerman
Kha => Kharkiv
Khe => Kherson
Kie => Kiev
Kra => Krakow
Kuf => Kufra
Kwt => Kuwait

/*** L ***/
Lag => Lagos
Lat => Latvia
Lib => Liberia
Lit => Lithuania
Liv => Liverpool
Lon => London
Lyo => Lyon

LBN => Libyan Sea
LIG => Ligurian Sea

/*** M ***/
Mac => Macedonia
Mad => Madrid
Mal => Mali
Mar => Marseille
Mau => Mauritania
Mil => Milan
Mol => Moldova
Mon => Monaco
Mor => Morocco
Mos => Moscow
Mun => Munich
Mur => Murmansk

MAO => Mid-Atlantic Ocean
MLS => Maltese Sea

/*** N ***/
Nap => Naples
Ner => Niger
Nga => Nigeria
Nld => Netherlands
Nor => Norway
Nze => Nzerekore

NAO => North Atlantic Ocean
NTH => North Sea
NWG => Norwegian Sea

/*** O ***/
Ode => Odessa
Oma => Oman
Ora => Oran
Oua => Ouargla

/*** P ***/
Par => Paris
Pic => Picardy
Pie => Piedmont
Pom => Pomerania
Por => Portugal

PER => Persian Gulf

/*** R ***/
Ras => Rasht
Riy => Riyadh
Rom => Rome
Ros => Rostov-on-Don
Ruh => Ruhr
Rum => Rumania

RED => Red Sea

/*** S ***/
Sar => Sardinia
Sax => Saxony
Sen => Senegal
Sev => Sevastopol
Sib => Siberia
Sic => Sicily
Sie => Sierra Leone
Sil => Silesia
Sin => Sinai
Slo => Slovakia
Sok => Sokoto
Som => Somalia
Srb => Serbia
Ssd => South Sudan
Stp => St. Petersburg
Sud => Sudan
Sve => Seville
Swe => Sweden
Sui => Switzerland
Syr => Syria

SAO => South Atlantic Ocean
SKA => Skagerrak
SOA => Sea of Azov
SOG => Strait of Gibraltar

/*** T ***/
Tab => Tabuk
Tam => Tamanrasset
Teb => Tebessa
Teh => Tehran
Ter => Ternopil
Tin => Tindouf
Tog => Togo
Tou => Toulouse
Tri => Tripoli
Tun => Tunisia
Tur => Turkmenistan
Tus => Tuscany

TYR => Tyrrhenian Sea

/*** U ***/
UAE => United Arab Emirates
Uga => Uganda
Ufa => Ufa
Ura => Urals

/*** V ***/
Ven => Venice
Vol => Volga

/*** W ***/
Wal => Wales
War => Warsaw
Wsa => Western Sahara

WBS => Western Black Sea
WHI => White Sea
WME => Western Mediterranean

/*** Y ***/
Yem => Yemen
Yob => Yobe
Yor => York

/*** Z ***/
Zah => Zahedan

Standard Diplomacy rules apply.


Playing this map
If you like the look of this map and would be interested in playing it please say so. I have run the first game and intend to run a second later this year.

As should be the case with something new, if you have any critiques please don't hold back. I'm open to suggestions.

Re: Modern Extended Map

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2015, 01:28
by MinnesotanKaiser
This looks like an awesome idea! I would love to play but I have one critique. I think you missed a canal. It's called the Canal du Midi. It goes from the Gulf of Lyons, through the city of Toulouse, along the Garonne river until it connects to it south of Bordeaux. The Garonne then flows into the Bay of Biscay. So in terms of your map. The canal would go from Gulf of Lyons, through Toulouse, through Bordeaux, and into the Bay of Biscay. Hope that helps.

Re: Modern Extended Map

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2015, 06:05
by Antigonos
At first look I like it and would be interested in playing. I hope to add to my comments later.

I think Shan321 is correct regarding the Canal du Midi. Though I seem to remember that one can travel by river and canal system from North Sea into the Netherlands then Germany and finally France to the GoL. But perhaps I am wrong.

Re: Modern Extended Map

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2015, 12:52
by joe92
Thank you very much for the feedback. I was a bit anxious about putting it up here so it's great to hear some positive words back.

Shan321. Unfortunately the Canal du Midi would not be large enough to accommodate sea bearing ships. It has a maximum boat width of 5.5m and a maximum length of 30m. That said, I added a fictional alliance to balance the map out a little and the strategic aspect of adding the canal could be very interesting.

Antigonos. I had not heard of such a canal so decided to investigate a little. There is no such canal, however, there is a different ship bearing canal you may be confusing it with. The Europa Canal (I've only just discovered this). The Europa Canal travels from the Netherlands to Germany, over to Nuremburg and down into Austria. It travels across Austria into Hungary and then down into Serbia before heading across to Rumania and onwards into the Black Sea. It is a ship bearing canal like the Volga-Don and thus could potentially accommodate warships (realistically I don't think either can but for the sake of an interesting map we'll say they could). It connects the North Sea with the Black Sea and uses the rivers Rhine, Main and Danube. It is also called the Rhine-Main-Danube canal. In terms of this map it would travel through the territories: NET, RUH, FRA, SAX, AUS, HUN, SER, RUM.

I also discovered there is another canal of strategic importance which connects the White Sea with the Barents Sea, or in this maps case the Gulf of Bothnia, called the White Sea Canal. However, like the Canal du Midi it is too shallow for ship bearing vessels. But like the Canal du Midi I would be interested in adding it to the map for terms of strategic fun.

I am at work right now but I will create two further versions of this map this evening. One with the 3 canals, Canal du Midi, Europa Canal and White Sea added. I'll also create another one with just the Europa Canal added as it is the only one which allows sea bearing ships to travel through.

Re: Modern Extended Map

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2015, 14:25
by ferdy0
Guinea looks like it might have too much free reign in south Africa, you should consider allowing ships to move around africa maybe? (making Iran and Egypt less rivals and making iran and Guinea rivals)

This would also semi fix the fact that Egy is weak, as Iran will want to attack them (to allow their fleets out into the world) as well as a normal attack from Turkey and also Algeria wanting Africa.

Re: Modern Extended Map

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2015, 16:20
by joe92
Yeah, that's a good point. One concern I'd had with the map was the apparent lack of enemies for WAA in the early start of the game. As you say, if fleet could travel round the cape it would open up the possibility for Iran and WAA to fight one another earlier on, and it would alleviate some of the pressure from Egypt.

The route could be introduced in the same way it is done in the 1900 variant. A fleet travels round the cape from Gulf of Guinea to Indian Ocean or vice versa arriving with 1/2 strength. You cannot support around the cape but can support an arriving fleet or a convoyed army. Armies can be convoyed but land with only 1/2 strength.

Re: Modern Extended Map

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2015, 16:38
by Guns of Brixton
Props on putting this together and put me down as someone interested in giving it a test run.

Some comments / ideas:

I assume the many divisions you have within Algeria are there to connote the difficulty of moving armies across the desert (I think of this as a sort of quasi-modern world where the borders are inspired by those today but transport is still similar to that of the early-20th Century). But to continue this theme or to be consistent you may wish to divide some of the other N African states into constituent provinces (e.g. Libya could have Tripoli, Benghazi, Kufra and Sirte). I think 3 - 4 divisions of Libya would look better and could be in place of 10 divisions of Algeria.

I agree with the suggestion that the map could be extended to include RSA and allow ships around Cape of Good Hope.

Adding the Rhine - Danube river/canal system (as well as the Nile) could add an interesting element. I would map the rivers either on the boundaries of land territories or through them and span the length of 2 or more borders. E.g. Lower Rhein (LRh) would split NED and BEL and ALS and RUH/MUN. Upper Rhein (URh) would split SUI/AUT and MUN. Upper Danube (UDb) would connect with URh at the SUI - MUN border and flow through AUT and then HUN and meet the Lower Dunabe (LDb) which splits SER and RUM then RUM and BUL and empties into WBS. I realise that this might take a ton more thought and so maybe might not be worth it as you've already put 2 years considerable effort into it but to me would add an intriguing element. There are a lot more land areas on your map and so I think adding a couple of rivers would help rebalance.

At first glance WAA appears too isolated. If it makes an alliance with Algeria and/or Egypt it can grow completely unfettered for the first few turns but perhaps that's the new wrinkle. They show up in Yr 3 and upset the power structures forming in Europe.

I'd recommend the following:
- keep Romania RUM vice ROM (it was officially Romania in 1901 as well but though the 'U' is a bit less common today either still remains acceptable and RUM is more likely to be accepted/understood/intuitively used by Dip players
- where possible use official countries' 3-letter abbreviations such as SUI, NED, NGA (for Nigeria), NER (for Niger)

Re: Modern Extended Map

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2015, 17:43
by joe92
I like the idea of splitting Libya up. I shall also do that this evening. I was originally contemplating making Saudi Arabia a playable country but opted against it (13 players seemed enough). However, splitting Saudi Arabia into 3 or 4 regions is also be something that could be done for the same reason as Libya and would have the added benefit of removing the only state with multiple coasts; it does seem odd that a fleet in the Persian Gulf would bounce a fleet in the Red Sea if they both hit Saudi Arabia.

I would prefer to keep Mauritania, Mali and Niger as whole states though as they bring Algeria and WAA closer together. Better chance of conflict.

I'm not hugely fond of the idea of extending the map southward to include RSA. It would add a lot to the map and would not bring much to it. However, with ferdy0's idea about allowing travel around the cape without actually extending the map we can connect the two oceans to bring WAA and Iran closer together. I'll do that first and then we can see what it looks like.

Regarding the Rhine-Main-Danube canal. I first thought to just place the rivers / canals within the existing territories. The fleets could then just move through the territories in the direction of the rivers / canals. Placing the rivers / canals between the territories to become playable territories themselves is hugely interesting though and I want to explore that possibility.

I have a few questions on how best to implement rules if this was done. Can a fleet move from the river to a neighbouring territory to capture a supply centre? E.g. Munich. Or would it be confined to the river. I.e. Would the river act as a coast or would it have it's own rules? In my mind, it makes sense that a fleet could not leave the river to capture centres but can support neighbouring armies and can convoy armies up and down the river, but if there are existing rules for rivers already it would be easier to follow them.

Your points about Romania and the abbreviations are sensible. I'll correct these as well when I make the rest of the changes this evening.

Re: Modern Extended Map

PostPosted: 01 Jul 2015, 17:58
by ferdy0
joe92 wrote:I like the idea of splitting Libya up. I shall also do that this evening. I was originally contemplating making Saudi Arabia a playable country but opted against it (13 players seemed enough). However, splitting Saudi Arabia into 3 or 4 regions is also be something that could be done for the same reason as Libya and would have the added benefit of removing the only state with multiple coasts; it does seem odd that a fleet in the Persian Gulf would bounce a fleet in the Red Sea if they both hit Saudi Arabia.

If thats the case it may be more logical to unite Pol/Ukr and call it the "commonwealth" (4/5 SC) while not historically accurate it would allow you to spread the counties about more.

Re: Modern Extended Map

PostPosted: 02 Jul 2015, 01:42
by joe92
I have updated the map.

Libya has been split into four regions and an extra SC was added. Saudi Arabia was also split into four regions and an extra SC was added.
Total SC count now at 85.

Countries have had their abbreviations changed to match standardised 3 letter codes where appropriate.

Added a visualisation for travelling around the cape and explained how the movement works in the OP.

I didn't have time to start adding the Europa Canal or others so will get to that next time.