Barbaria: Spring 522

8-player game set in 6th century Europe. Multiple units are allowed. Designed by Russell Tulp, introduced and modified by DiploNEV. GMs DiploNEV then BigBert. game started 7 April 2012 and ended with no resolution.

Barbaria: Spring 522

Postby BigBert » 31 May 2012, 18:27

Sorry for the short delay, but here are the Spring 522 results. One retreat, the Byzantine army from East Avaria. The deadline is:

Friday 1 June, 18.00 GMT

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Anglo-Saxons (haroonriaz):
F (Pryden) - Sea of Britain (resolved)
F (Norge) - Dania (resolved)
DF (Estonia ) H (resolved)
F (Pomerania) s A (Saxony) H (resolved)
F (Thames) - North Sea (resolved)
A (Saxony) s A (Jutland)H (resolved)
A (Jutland) s A (Saxony) H (resolved)

Franks (Heritikyl):
SA Allemania - Bavaria (resolved 3-2)
DA Thuringia S SA Allemania - Bavaria (resolved)
SA Reine - Allemania (resolved)
SA Paris - Reine (resolved)
SA Aquitaine - Paris (resolved)
SF Frisia - Lowlands (resolved)
SF Brittany H (resolved)

Visigoths (theangrycastle):
Cadiz-Mauretania (Bounced 3-3)
South Atlantic Ocean S Cadiz-Mauretania (resolved)
Burgundy-Septimania (Bounced 1-1)
Saragossa-Septimania (Bounced 1-1)
Valencia-Cadiz (Bounced 1-2)
Suevia-Toledo (resolved)

Vandals (freddafred):
Sea of Corsica MOVE Tyrennian Sea (resolved)
Corsicia MOVE Sea of Corsicia (resolved)
Sardinia HOLD (resolved)
DF West Med SUPPORT mauretenia to hold (resolved)
Mauretenia hold (resolved)

Ostrogoths (Aerdirnaithon):
A Salzburg - Sirmium (Bounced 1-1)
A Bavaria S Salzburg - Sirmium (Cut, Dislodged by A Allemania 1-3, Auto-Disbanded)
DA Rome Hold (resolved)
F Ionian Sea - Aegean Sea (resolved)

Lombards (joebishop):
Vistula-West Slavia (resolved)
Oder- Bavaria (Attack broken by A Allemania 2-3)
Danubia support Oder to Bavaria (resolved)
Sir - Sal (Bounced 1-1)
Lombardy-Oder (Bounced 1-1)

Avars (Nobody44):
Avr SUPPORT E Slav to E Avr (resolved)
E Slv MOVE E Avr (resolved 2-1)
God Ter MOVE Mac (resolved)

Byzantine Empire (pharaoh of nerds):
East Avaria to Avaria (Dislodged by A East Slavia 1-2, RETREAT)
Black Sea to Crimea (resolved)
Skla...(I can't see the whole name) to Novae (resolved)
Verona to Adriatic Sea (resolved)
Libya hold (resolved)
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