Barbaria House Rules

8-player game set in 6th century Europe. Multiple units are allowed. Designed by Russell Tulp, introduced and modified by DiploNEV. GMs DiploNEV then BigBert. game started 7 April 2012 and ended with no resolution.

Barbaria House Rules

Postby BigBert » 18 May 2012, 16:20

These are my House rules for Barbaria

game rules:
The rules of Barbaria can be found here. I've copied the A/F rules in a seperate thread.

Communication rules:
* Communication is done by PM-ing, (you're free to use other means if you so desire, such as the chatroom). This section of the forum can be used as Public Press. If you want to make an anonymous post on the Public Press, send the message to me and I'll post it.
* I will PM everyone when I've finished adjudicating each phase, or in case of other important events (such as player changes). Still, it's good to keep an eye on this section of the forum so you don't miss anything.

Order Submission:
* Send orders to me, stating clearly the phase and your country name in the subject of the PM.
* If orders are not correctly typed but it's clear what they intend, I will accept that. Ambigious orders will be considered invalid: these units will hold.
* The first full year I will check order sets for errors or missing orders, and I will notify players if something's wrong. After that period, I won't give these warning so it's up to you to double-check your orders.

Deadlines & NMR Policy:
* Phases will be 72 hours for orders, and 24 hours for retreats and builds. I will clearly state the deadline both in the forum topic and in the PM.
* If you miss a deadline, you will get a 24-hour grace period. This period starts immediately after the original deadline, so not after I notified you of the grace period. If I haven't received any orders after these 24 hours, all units will hold.
* Two subsequent NMR's or three NMR's in total means you will be out of the game. If I have the impression that a player is missing, I will look for a substitute earlier if I think this is better for the game.
* If you want the game to hold for a few days, because of holidays or so, that's negotiable. If you're away for longer than, say, three days, please arrange a stand-in. I myself will probably be away for a full week in the end of June, so the game will hold anyway that time.

Well, I guess that's it. Have fun everybody!
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