Spring 521 Results

8-player game set in 6th century Europe. Multiple units are allowed. Designed by Russell Tulp, introduced and modified by DiploNEV. GMs DiploNEV then BigBert. game started 7 April 2012 and ended with no resolution.

Spring 521 Results

Postby Bluewolf » 28 Apr 2012, 02:28

6 things:

Firstly, results. the Ostrogoth army Sirmium got dislodged by a Byzantine DF. Aerdirnaithon, your retreat please by Sun April 29'th at 8:30 AM EST.

Secondly, apologies. I had a few internal problems this week. Problem 1: We have to make-believe Byzantine fleets for the moment, as i interpreted where glorfindel put them. Problem 2: Me and some classmates had an assignment assigned Monday due today, in which my group decided to program. I had NO time to adjudicate.

Thirdly, requests. PLAYERS: any timezones you live in are requested, so I can put in those timezones. Current Timezones known: EST and PST. GLORFINDEL: Byzantine single fleets, Anglo-Saxon armies and double armies, and Vandal Double-armies.

Fourthly, a reminder.
the rules wrote:3. Double units have an offensive and defensive strength of two. If a supporting unit is attacked by a single unit, its support is only cut by one. The Byzantine TF attacks as a DF but has a defensive strength of 3. Only one TF may ever exist and only Byzantium has it; if it is disbanded, it cannot be replaced.

4. Double units are supplied by the provinces they start in. If any such province falls to an enemy its unit is immediately disbanded. If the province is recaptured it will supply a SA for 2 years after the next adjustment season - winter. It may then be converted into a double army. This unit is designated as SdA or SdF in orders until it is converted. If the supply centre is taken again the Sd unit is disbanded. Either build a sdA or sdF, or designate an existing unit as one. If there are no allowed builds, the latter is necessary. At the adjustments phase, declare the unit. All orders will be invalid for the unit if they do not have [single-double] in any form in front of the unit.. In the event of an NMR that turn, you will have to wait until the next adjustments phase for a sdA or sdF

5. Since the Byzantine Empire had a much more centralised government than the barbarians, the fall of Constantinople has dire consequences. If it is taken the TF is immediately disbanded and can never be rebuilt, all units at sea and outside the borders of Byzantium stand and are eliminated if dislodged, all extra strength units within Byzantium attack and defend as single units. If Constantinople is recaptured all units return to normal status. Byzantium is: Illyria, Adrianople, Constantinople, Antioch, Alexandria, Pontus, Jerusalem, Saracen territory, Sassanid Empire (as a supply center only if byzantium annexed it), Macedonia, and Novae, or any SC that is turned into a Byzantine building site (see 7). They are only considered part of Byzantium if they are neutral or if last owned by Byzantium; exception: Sassanid Empire (see above)

6. No player may have more Double units than he started with.

7. Nations may expand their boundaries by incorporating neutral supply centres. If a unit is maintained as a garrison in a neutral centre for 2 consecutive years, it is thereafter considered as a home centre and new units may be built there. Home centres of other nations may also be incorporated but must be garrisoned for 4 consecutive years in order for the transition to occur. Home centers can be used to build units if recaptured even if they are a foreign build center.

8. The Lombards receive no fleets at the start of the game, but may build fleets in either Pomerania or Prussia after maintaining a garrison there for one year. These provinces are not supply centres; they may be used for special building purposes only, and only by the Lombards, and only for fleets. The Lombards may build a fleet, of course, only when their supply centre total would allow a normal build.

9. Direct land connections exist between Scotia/Pictia, Sicily/Naples, Corsica/Sardinia, and Jutland/Dania. Armies may between these provinces without the aid of fleets.

10. Armies are not convoyed, but must form Army/Fleets (A/Fs) in order to move over bodies of water. See the A/F rules below.

11. Units of 2 nations may form A/Fs, provided each player involved specifically orders the formation to take place. A combined A/F is always ordered by the owner of the fleet. The army can always be ordered to “get off” by it’s owner, but this only succeeds if the army is ordered to a different destination from the fleet. If the move “get off” does not succeed, the army stands. You must unload to a place other than the fleet if it holds. It can not move inland.

12. When a combined (2-Nation) A/F is at sea, the owner of the fleet has the option of disbanding both units in an adjustment phase - scuttling the fleet and the army goes with it. this does not apply on land - the army would stand.

Fifthly, an OH.
Byzantium (Pharaoh of Nerds):
TF Constantinople to Black Sea (RESOLVED)
A Antioch to Pontus (resolved)
DA Ad-something-ple to Novae (resolved)
DF Illyria to Sirmium (resolved) [present for 0/8 turns]
A Alexandria to Lybia (resolved) [present for 0/4 turns]

Lombards (Joebishop):
Danube to Bavaria (resolved) [present for 0/4 turns]
Oder support Danube to Bavaria (bounced)
Lombardy to Dnieper (resolved)
Vistula support Lombardy to Dnieper (resolved) [present for 0/4 turns]

Theangrycastle (visigoths):
Septimania-Burgundy (resolved) [present for 0/4 turns]
Toledo-Cadiz (resolved)
Valencia-Toledo (resolved)
Saragossa-Valencia (resolved)

Franks (heritykil):

A Reine - Allemania (resolved) [present for 0/4 turns]
A Paris - Reine (resolved)
F Brittany - Paris (resolved)
A Aquitaine H (resolved)

Anglo-Saxons (haroonriaz)
F Anglia - North Sea (resolved)
F Thames - Pryden (resolved) [present for 0/4 turns]
DF Saxony - Baltic Sea (resolved)
F Jutland - Saxony (resolved)

Avars (cheesers52)
West Avaria -> East Lombardy (resolved)
Crimea -> Avaria (resolved)
East Avaria -> East Slavia (resolved)
Sklavinia Hold (resolved)

Aerdirnaithon (Ostrogoths)
DA Rome - Naples (resolved)
F Sicily - Tyrrhenian Sea (resolved)
A Verona - Bavaria (bounced)
A Sirmium S Verona - Bavaria (bounced, dislodged and retreat needed)
[salzburg present for 0/4 turns]
the below is yellow

Vandals (freddafred)
Carthage SUPPORT Gulf of Carthage (invalid order replaced with hold)
Tricaramo MOVE Mauretenia (resolved)
Corsica MOVE Sea of Corsica (resolved)
Sardinia HOLD. (resolved)

Finally, a map.
spring521.jpg (292.18 KiB) Viewed 1340 times
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Re: Spring 521 Results

Postby joebishop » 28 Apr 2012, 03:36

Should my vandals not have taken bavaria, since the goth support for verona was cut?
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Re: Spring 521 Results

Postby Bluewolf » 28 Apr 2012, 14:16

Yes, you should've
Wil post with retreats
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