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Postby Girion » 17 Jul 2012, 05:07

About the self illusioning, I don't think Stalin had much of an choice when he allowed it, there were two disscussions about rule-interpretation, the first about the Key rule arouse because the wordings could possibly be interpreted in two diffrent ways even though we all could agree on what it meant.

In the other one of the self illusioning the rules left no doubt that self illusioning were allowed
(it clearly stat that the only spaces prohibited are thoose
a) at the end of an hyperspace link, or
b) thoose spaces adjacent to one of your units)

One might say that the rule makers purpose was to prevent this (this we can never know, the easiest way if that was what they intented would simply be to write "you units are unaffected")
Or that this makes illusionist to powerfull, which I agree on, as I said many powers are better then others an there is balance issue, Morg has though nicely bypassen this in VR3 by not including many of thoose powers.

On the note that self illusioning was never used in VR1 I belive it was simply because Morg never thought of the possibility that you could use illusion in that way.

Lastly again, I don't think Stalin would have been able to interpret it in any other way since he when he posted the rules of the game clearly allowed it, and it was not something that prevented the game to go on, personally I don't think Stalin did anything to comment on in this game, there was talks about the rules but everything was handled well.

On the more interesting topics of whenever to reveal Insects, it's very tricky. To lie about onces power or to fake one will mak getting allies very hard, and revealing it makes people scared, with an result we could see in this game. I have earlier stated that I think the game would have been even more interesting if the speed at which powers was revealed was slowed down even more. The possibility of an power like Insect being in play could slightly achive that, or at least give people more of an excuse of revealing the power (use this to hold on to your Insect a little more).

If we ever very to modify Vain Rats and add power I would (except more balancing) suggest adding more powers akin to Insect, that might punish people for revealing powers tt much, that would make people even more carefull when they reveal there powers, and also make for example Insect much easier to use since you can hold onto int longer.
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