1792 Napoleonic Diplomacy I - AAR

6-player variant designed by BoomstickS and GMd by attitudes. Draw between Russia (haroonriaz) and Prussia (BoomstickS)

1792 Napoleonic Diplomacy I - AAR

Postby attitudes » 11 Jul 2012, 06:55

The game has been declared a draw between Prussia and Russia. Feel free to make any comments about the game you like. I imagine, since this was a play test of a new map, the creator of the variant will want to hear your opinions of the map.

Thank you to everybody for a well played game and congratulations to BoomstickS (Prussia) and haroonriaz (Russia).
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Re: 1792 Napoleonic Diplomacy I - AAR

Postby BoomstickS » 11 Jul 2012, 16:49

I had a lot of fun on this map, although atm I have no time to post an AAR.

Can you guys also tell me what you thought of this variant?

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Re: 1792 Napoleonic Diplomacy I - AAR

Postby UpQuark » 12 Jul 2012, 02:22

I assumed the mantle of power in England in Spring 1793, following a split opening by my predecessor towards Scandinavia and, with an army holding in Hanover, an attempt on Denmark in 1792.

I was brought in on a universal alliance against the central (and very large) power of Austria, involving France, Prussia, Spain, and theoretically Russia, though it wasn't until much later that Russia made an overt move on Austria.

Instead, I was pushed out of Scandinavia by Russia and allowed to eliminate a pocket of Austrians with France by the Prussians before they saw fit to eliminate me - from the mainland, from Scandinavia, and then from my homeland. I chose not to make a stab at France to extend my life by one year, even though he stabbed me for his own short term gain on the mainland - as the enemy was then clearly the Russia/Prussia alliance. France managed to hold back Prussia and Austria quite well, but in the end Russia's flanking maneuvers through England and into Iberia spelled the end.

I was squeezed out by Russia and Prussia, was not supported by my closest ally France, and it cost us both. Spain seemed to not really engage with the heavy fighting in the middle of the continent until late in the game - he could have made a difference.

These are biased views, obviously, from the point of view of England. For example, it may not have been in Spain's interest nor his desire to engage (with all that free territory in the Med), and that is acceptable. I may have been overly eager to take Denmark and pushed Prussia to stay the course against England - I was under an impression of a very tight alliance against Austria (and needed a build) and the alliance was not as tight as I was first led to believe by all the parties. I tried to convince Russia to move on Austria, & then Prussia, and this too may have been too much - as Scandinavia and Britain were so much easier targets. :)

I like the map, but didn't get a good feel for the nuances of the whole game. I did get a small feel for some of the tactical nuances of fighting in the middle, and it is very interesting - it is a single massive battlefield and requires excellent coordination to make progress.

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Re: 1792 Napoleonic Diplomacy I - AAR

Postby haroonriaz » 16 Aug 2012, 20:59

Sad seeing the AAR thread for this game so barren, but that is partly my fault too.

Enjoyed playing Russia. I think Russia has immense advantage of moving directly to Norway from St. Petersburg in this map. France was my target from the very start. Too bad diplomat42 has not chosen to speak up here about the aftermath of the game. Had great chemistry with Prussia from the very start and our partnership started sweeping centers in Europe pretty well. We used a crumbling Austria as a shield against the greater French alliance, of which both I and Prussia pretended to be a part of for a long time. Prussia had his doubts in the beginning I must say and was reluctant on keeping Austria alive. However, I think Austria's survival was key to the changes that occurred in the game. It really frustrated France, Spain and their loyal allies.

England was easy prey, especially because its leaderships changed hand. UpQuark genuinely wanted to make peace with me, but I guess it was too late and I guess they'd know that too. Enjoyable variant. May play again.

Thanks for moderating, Attitudes.
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