Round 1, Debate 4: Discussion Thread

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Round 1, Debate 4: Discussion Thread

Postby Crunkus_old » 31 Jan 2012, 23:55

This thread is for the purposes of discussion concerning Round 1, Debate 4 of the Playdiplomacy Debate Tournament #2.

This is NOT the debate thread itself.

  • Anyone may currently post to this thread excepting:

    • InterMPC
    • Philby
    • super_dipsy
    • weaverde
  • Judges will only discuss the scoring of the debate privately and may not be able to answer questions in this thread if asked.
  • Please be respectful of the fact that there is a competitive debate going on currently when you post to this thread.

It is acceptable for students and academics to cite Wikipedia in their research.
Topic submitted originally by: Rockport

Arguing the affirmative: The Colonials
Arguing the negative: The Old Empire

Thank you, and enjoy the debate!
--The Judging Team
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Re: Round 1, Debate 4: Discussion Thread

Postby bertogatti » 16 Jul 2012, 19:19

Interesting topic. I once saw a debate about this between two really smart people (the affirmative won.)

By the way, is citing Wikipedia as a source to defend Wikipedia a bit dodgy?
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