AAR Crowded

GM: asudevil. 2-way draw between heritikyl (Scandinavia) and rayezilla (Turkey)

Re: AAR Crowded

Postby diplomat42 » 15 May 2012, 13:36

Absurdity wrote:
asudevil wrote:I dont think I mentioned Germany

I think England's NMR didnt keep the LowCountries and France at bay, so they were able to focus on you.

France? I was far too busy getting stabbed by Spain to invade Germany. And Italy ignored several cordial messages. He never sent me a word in reply. :roll:

Congratulations to Scandinavia and Turkey! Good game, guys.

Yeah, I noticed subpar comms in this game too.
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Re: AAR Crowded

Postby asudevil » 15 May 2012, 15:18

I figured as much. I think I had too many people who were still pretty new to Forum games.

If that was you, I do appreciate you playing, and I hope that you will come back for another game some time.
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Re: AAR Crowded

Postby heritikyl » 16 May 2012, 07:48

Thank you for the congratulations, I was hoping for the solo but in light of Spain's NMRs it wouldn't have been quite as delectable.

Overall, I enjoyed the game and I thought there was a decent amount of comms, though I can see how some countries may have been left out. As an example, Germany was essentially cut off from the very beginning as Russia, Lowlands, and I all descended upon him. Enlisting Russia's help was a little nerveracking as it involved allowing him into the Baltic, right next to my home centre. It worked out well though as he was a loyal ally, helping me to maintain my German holdings thereby enabling me to put my focus on helping the Lowlands enter Germany as well. At the same time, I brokered a deal with the Lowlands to support me into the North Sea in exchange for Kiel.

By the Winter of '02 the Lowlands and I began to arrange the division of England and we had a good many conversations regarding different deals to broker a fair return on both our ends. Russia was still lying in wait in the Baltic and, to be honest, I must say stabbing him later down the road was a difficult decision considering how long he parked his unit there always assisting me when needed and never taking the incredible opportunity laid before him.

From what I can remember, although the deals regarding the English division went alright, I grew weary of being bottled up in my northern corner and so the decision was made to make a play for the Lowlands' territory. I was able to, with the support of Russia, grab an English centre and a Lowlands centre all at once. Of course, this strategy left my western shores open to the English capture of the North Sea. It being the Fall saved me as I was able to build and defend Norway.

Thereafter I made a play for the North Sea which England used to his advantage by slinking into Skagerrak which left me with a couple seasons of defensive bouncing (once again with Russia's help). During this time I was able to assist Russia and finally begin paying him back for his help by enabling his capture of Munich. Additionally, with Spain sweeping east I reached out to him for assistance in finishing off the Lowlands, we also had to discuss our standoff at the western coast of England. This standoff led to a breakthrough in our deals with trades for Liverpool and Belgium.

And so began the fall of the Lowlands and England, as well as a new status quo involving Spain, Russia and myself in the north. I was still very much unaware of the power relations in the south.

Shortly after, Spain and I started to plot a two-way draw where we would move, Juggernaut style, eastwards.

A pretty simple fallout thereafter, with Russia slowly falling to Turkey and I's combined assault, though I must hand it to him, before the NMRs he did do a good job at defending some of my advances.
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Re: AAR Crowded

Postby rayezilla » 19 May 2012, 10:39

Hmm, i posted but it disappeared :(

Good game all. I lucked out, scandinavia had it
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