Championship AARs

Teams of players playing several games simultaneously, one player per team per game. TD Pedros

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Re: Championship AARs

Postby Noosh32 » 23 Mar 2012, 06:33

First off thank you for putting this all together Pedros. I know that must have been incredibly time consuming and challenging. I certainly appreciate the event as a whole.

I know my team played really well in a few of the games. My game didn't go quite as I had initially planned, but the rest of my team played well enough in their games to take a lot of pressure on me. I don't know how other teams felt, but I definitely think Asudevil was a huge help tying all our games and strategies together. Helping each other out watching how games progressed. There were definitely some fantastic players in all the games and it was an honor to be a part of it, however small my role as 1 player in this tournament was.

None of the games really fell apart in my opinion given the number of players and everyone's schedules. I think that is a testament to the organization of this tournament from the top level through all the team captains. Subs were sent in very quickly, and while I know there were some issues with people including myself getting orders in Arctic, I still very much enjoyed playing the map.
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Re: Championship AARs

Postby Bluewolf » 22 Apr 2012, 23:25

how do you like our new team name team? DWMCJ (the Dangerous World of Monkeys Called Joe) (DiploNEV, Willie900, Maucat, Chrisman39, Jkid)
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Re: Championship AARs

Postby Pedros » 23 Apr 2012, 09:53

A bit on the late side! Still, if we go again in the Fall (I'm thinking of maybe fewer teams with some smaller - possibly five player - games - but it'll depend on how many want to come back after last time.)
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Re: Championship AARs

Postby BoomstickS » 08 Jul 2012, 18:09

I'd totally want to give this an other try!

Maybe we could use some of the newer, but reliable variants?
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