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Spring 1847

PostPosted: 16 Feb 2012, 08:21
by Morg
The snow is melting. Good, now maybe you can get some nice soft mud to march in. Your feet have been absolutely killing you since you lost your boots, but there's not much you can do now except keep going.

Spring 1847 is here. We've got the orders we had accidently missed. Spring is now officially ready to start. Thanks to everyone for their patience and understanding. I need Spring orders by 1600PST or 2400GMT on Tuesday the 21st.

13/24 SCs needed for victory
4/6 NUs remain

Fall Retreat Orders were:
Great Britain-Haroonriaz
Destroy A MNT

Winter Orders were:
Great Britain-Haroonriaz
Build A OTT
build a settler in LOU
Build F Havana

A special thanks to thewysecat who caught the mistake none of us did.

Re: Spring 1847

PostPosted: 19 Feb 2012, 00:42
by Morg
Winter has been fixed to include the opportunity Spain had, but no one caught it in time. Sorry Mat.gopack