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FloridaMan Diplomacy Subtitles

Postby FloridaMan » 21 Oct 2020, 03:42

Dear Speakers of Languages Other than English,

I'm aware there's a beautiful, diverse Diplomacy community out there that transcends national (and therefore, linguistic) boundaries, and I'm aware that many of you wonderful, gifted people out there are multilingual, a competency I sincerely envy. If you're familiar with my YouTube channel, you may have noticed that all of my videos are in English... that's for a reason.

Specifically, English is the only language I'm really competent in. I speak a little Spanish, but not enough to really use it for anything, and it's gotten very rusty.

For that reason, I wanted to learn if there were some of you who'd be willing to volunteer your services, translating the scripts for my videos so that I can better reach the international community, via subtitles. It would be a fully volunteer effort, since I can't pay anyone.

But if you believe that having access to strategy videos on Diplomacy is a good thing, and that people in other countries who aren't English-fluent would benefit from my videos, I hope you'll consider lending your services and helping me out. Please PM me if you're available to try this out.


Update: I have now secured translators for Romanian, Italian, and French (although I would be happy to have additional translators of those languages, to share some of the efforts and/or relieve some of my volunteers of their burdens). I'm still looking for people fluent in other languages, so please PM me if you're willing to get involved.
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