For non-English speakers.

A sub-forum for members who want to chat and set-up PlayDiplomacy games in a language other than English.

Re: For non-English speakers.

Postby WAOrange » 01 Apr 2013, 23:30

And off course it is time to have a Dutch subforum as well, for all Netherlands and Belgium players, I have met at least 4 now
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Re: For non-English speakers.

Postby rick.leeds » 07 Jun 2013, 18:09

Sorry, with everything else that has been happening on site and in private, this has been left alone. I will set up a Dutch forum now.
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Re: For non-English speakers.

Postby Gooderian » 12 Jun 2013, 19:48

Btw rick,

The language is called ¨nederlands¨. Nederlandstalig is an adjective.
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Re: For non-English speakers.

Postby Blackfish » 30 Jan 2014, 12:25

I know that this is a seldom used thread, but I was curious to see if there were any Portuguese (Brazilian and Portuguese) speakers on Brazil's internet usage is very high, so the idea is that some of the 90+ million users would have an interest in Diplomacy and at least some of those would have active accounts on PD, right?

Anyway my spoken Portuguese is fluent as I was raised by Brazilian parents, speaking nothing but Portuguese to them, but since I don't actually live in Brazil, my written Portuguese has a problem with mostly minor things such as spelling mistakes, not to mention that the standard English QWERTY keyboard I am typing on does not accommodate for written accents on letters, though this is minor stuff.

If this sub-forum ends up being created, I could write up a post at around 8:30am GMT +10 (Sydney) which is 7:30pm GMT -3 during one of these days to see if my "theory" proves right. ;)
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Re: For non-English speakers.

Postby finhisky » 11 Jul 2019, 15:40

rick.leeds wrote:After floating the idea on the Forum a couple of days ago, and having no people saying it wasn't a good idea, this sub-forum has been set up for members who want to have a sub-forum in their first language. If you want to do this, post below and state the language you want. If there are a number of players who want this, I'll set that sub-forum up. However, I'll need to give each sub-forum a Moderator who speaks - or more accurately reads and writes - in that language. So if want a sub-forum in your first language, then one of you will need to act as Moderator!

Although there have been a sub-forum of Chinese. But it looks like almost every users in that sub-forum use Simplified Chinese. Traditional and Simplified Chinese are different in characters. And most Traditional Chinese speakers can't read Simplified Chinese well. Thus, could we have a Traditional Chinese sub-forum too?
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Re: For non-English speakers.

Postby Mark555 » 30 Dec 2019, 20:07

Is there Italian one?
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