C-Dip Scoring System Explained

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C-Dip Scoring System Explained

Postby dib » 02 Feb 2020, 13:07

The C in C-Diplo scoring system stands for 100 like the ROMAN numeral

The way C-Diplo works is to award points at the end of the game as follows :

1 point for playing : Total 7 points
1 point per s.c. : Total 34 points
38 bonus points for the table-topper : Total 38 points
14 bonus points for 2nd place : Total 14 points
7 bonus points for 3rd place : Total 7 points
Grand total : 100 points.

For more reading on this pros and cons here
http://www.diplomacy-archive.com/resour ... -diplo.htm

This is ALSO the scoring system that is going to be used in the upcoming UK event Macccon the best event in Britain for diplomacy.

In this (Macccon) tournament Games will end in 1907 retreat phase as they have in the recent SuperPastis19 and the upcoming SuperPastis20

Signup for Macccon here


Signup for the playdip tourney SuperPastis20 here;
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