Proposed Tournament: Auction System

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Re: Proposed Tournament: Auction System

Postby mhsmith0 » 23 Jan 2016, 01:57

Zosimus wrote:Well, but can't the same thing happen under our current system? A completely unknown person could log in tomorrow, decide to play an anonymous game to hide the fact that he's never played before, and win a solo against a pair of top-rated players, thus winning a bunch of points whereas another player might do the same thing but win few points because unbeknownst to him, most of the players in his anonymous game had low ratings.

Yes and no. In current system you'd get that huge solo reward vs elite competition because it's really hard, whereas here it could be easy competition that bet way too much.

Ps regardless I'm in, but I do see the possibility of luck playing an over-large role. Then again I'm not very good/experienced, so maybe I should just shut up about something that could help me out somehow :p
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Re: Proposed Tournament: Auction System

Postby rd45 » 25 Jan 2016, 12:15

I'm in. Where do I sign?
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