The 2019 Valhalla PbF Awards

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The 2019 Valhalla PbF Awards

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 02 Mar 2020, 17:58

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The 2019 Valhalla PbF Awards

At long last,

It's time to announce the 2019 Valhalla Awards for PlayDip Play-by-Forum/Discord!

These awards recognize the valor and creativity of the PbF Players and GMs who participated in games that ended in 2019. Thanks to everyone who sent in nominations and votes.


Best Record goes to TTBen, who finished the year with one solo victory and two draws.

Busiest Player is a tie: Don Juan of Austria and Aeschines. They each played in eight completed games in 2019.
This is the third consecutive year of Don Juan of Austria winning this award.

Busiest GM is also a tie: NanookTheEskimo and Aeschines. They each ran ran six completed games in 2019.

Busiest Overall goes to Aeschines, who either ran or played in fourteen games in 2019.
This is the second consecutive year of Aeschines winning this award.


Most Reliable Player goes to Counsel0r (previously known as Wobbly).

Great Sport goes to Groo.

Most Fun Ally / Opponent is a tie between joe92 and Aeschines.

Best Communicator goes to WakaKafkaFlame.

Best Tactician goes to pjkon.
This is the second consecutive year of pjkon winning this award.

Best Replacement Player goes to NanookTheEskimo.

The Turtle Award is a tie: boldblade and GhostEcho.

Best Dramatic Performance goes to StarkAdder.


Most Adventurous GM goes to NoPunIn10Did.
This is the second consecutive year of NoPunIn10Did winning this award.

Best New Variant goes to Saga of the Nine, co-created by NoPunIn10Did and Aeschines.

Best Adapted or Updated Variant goes to Diplomacy for Dukes & Popes, adapted and updated by Aeschines.


This past year, eight teams (of 1-3 players each) competed in the 2019 Tournament of Swords, a multi-variant multi-round contest administered by NanookTheEskimo.

Here are the top three teams from the Tournament of Swords:

Grand Champions - Masked Riders
  • boldblade
  • TTBen
Second Place - RIPScottTenorman
  • bigj0e03
Third Place - Raven Banner
  • Counsel0r (Wobbly)


Congratulations to all winners, nominees, GMs, and Play-by-Forum players. We look forward to seeing your name join the the ranks of the 2020 Valhalla PbF Hall of Fame.
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