The 2018 Valhalla PbF Awards

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The 2018 Valhalla PbF Awards

Postby NoPunIn10Did » 17 Feb 2019, 01:07

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The 2018 Valhalla PbF Awards

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Roll out the red carpet, because it's time for the Twenty-Eighteen PlayDiplomacy Dot Com Play-by-Forum Valhalla Awards! This was a great year for forum Diplomacy, with Seventeen games completed and Sixty unique participants.

These awards recognize the valor and creativity of the PbF Players and GMs who participated in games that ended in 2018. Thanks to everyone who provided nominations and votes!


Best Record goes to Groo, who finished the year with one solo victory and three draws.

Busiest Player goes to Don Juan of Austria, who played in seven completed games this year.
This is the second consecutive year of Don Juan of Austria winning this award.

Busiest GM goes to NoPunIn10Did, who ran five completed games this year and played in two as well.
This is the second consecutive year of NoPunIn10Did winning this award.

Busiest Overall goes to Aeschines, who ran four completed games this year and played in four as well.


Most Reliable Player is awarded to... a three-way tie! Antigonos, joe92, & Shyvve all share this honor.
This is the third consecutive year of Antigonos winning this award.

Great Sport goes to StarkAdder. Thanks for sticking with games even when facing defeat!

Most Fun Ally / Opponent goes to Groo. What a heck of a year for a first-time PbF player!

Best Communicator goes to Aeschines. Thanks for keeping the press flowing!

Best Tactician goes to pjkon. He definitely impressed his opponents at the Tournament Through Time!

Best Replacement Player goes to LordDwia, who stepped up and answered the call when two players dropped from the same Tournament Through Time team.

The Turtle Award goes to Don Juan of Austria for holding onto survival in Colonial 7.


Most Adventurous GM goes to NoPunIn10Did, who ran the 2018 Tournament Through Time.

Best New Variant goes to Emergence (created by joe92), a near-future variant based in North America.

Best Adapted or Updated Variant goes to 1812 Overture (created by NoPunIn10Did), a variant set in North America and Europe at the end of the Napoleonic era.

These are a selection of awards suggested by the voters that didn't fall into an existing category.

Best New GM goes to Woolgie. Welcome to the ranks!

Solo of the Year goes to AardvarkArmy for his victory in Diplomacy of Ice & Fire.

Most Rewarding Stab goes to Aeschines for his well-timed betrayal in Emergence.


This past year, ten teams competed in the 2018 Tournament Through Time. Each "Dynasty" of 2-4 players participated in four of five possible variants and received scores based on their performance. The following were the top three dynasties from that tournament.

Grand Champions - Black Kettle Dynasty
  • Bagle
  • DipideeDawg
  • WakaKafkaFlame
First Runners Up - Konlugger Dynasty
  • LordDwia
  • pjkon
Second Runners Up - Baratheon Dynasty
  • Amby
  • bigj0e03
  • CaptainMeme
This year, NanookTheEskimo is running a similar competition, the 2019 Tournament of Swords! Keep an eye on the forum as that competition continues to heat up.


Congratulations to all winners, nominees, GMs, and Play-by-Forum players. This community helps keep the traditions of variant play and human-run Diplomacy alive, and it has been a vast well of creativity, tactics, and negotiation. We look forward to seeing your name in Valhalla for 2019.

Happy Stabbing!
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Re: The 2018 Valhalla PbF Awards

Postby Groo » 17 Feb 2019, 23:27

Yaaay I did gud!

Congraz to all! Thanks GM's for your your time, deducation, love... You did a tremendous job and we played some amazing variants <3 <3

Thanks to all Groo fans. Are you a Groo fan? Become one! :P Lol I know there are none. Let me dream!

ps. Still think Buckieluegger's striking performance in Heptarchy XIV deserves at least an honorable mention, if not the Turtle award itself!
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Re: The 2018 Valhalla PbF Awards

Postby WakaMadeMeDoIt » 18 Feb 2019, 02:37

A quick note of recognition; Black Kettles had a fourth member, Walshie (aka, Walshie71). While he ultimately was not able to join in as chair for one of the games, he was in the background providing diplomatic, tactical, and strategic support.

A huge thank you to NoPun, also. The dude is a machine. Always on time. Always top quality. Always impartial. Couldn't ask for a better GM.

Congrats to all of the winners!
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Re: The 2018 Valhalla PbF Awards

Postby Woolgie » 18 Feb 2019, 11:11

Groo wrote:Are you a Groo fan? Become one! :P Lol I know there are none. Let me dream!

Can we have forum group for Groo fans?
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Re: The 2018 Valhalla PbF Awards

Postby joe92 » 18 Feb 2019, 15:19

Thank you to everyone who voted Emergence as the best new variant of last year! :D

I have a busy year ahead of me but I will endeavour to put aside some time to create v2 of the map this year 8-)
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