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New Variant Idea

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2017, 02:13
by Chessplayer
I had an idea for a WW2 Variant of diplomacy, but I was wondering how people set up maps for these games. This is a very small seed of an idea, but if anyone else would like to work with me on it, then I would be happy to have your support. I was also wondering how you set up your own custom map. Can someone please show a step by step posting of this. Thanks.

Re: New Variant Idea

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2017, 03:44
by buckielugger
I also have no idea how people develop new maps and variants.
However i would think the Versailles map is essentially WW2 or at least the period running up to the start of WW2.
Unless u are working on ideas with a larger Third Reich including Austria & Czechs etc into Germany as a starting position.
And maybe fascist Spain & Italy & Croatia might give other differences.

Has anyone ever thought of expanding to a whole world map as WW2 really was fought worldwide?
Or does that then end up like Risk?

Re: New Variant Idea

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2017, 03:52
by Willie900
It's pretty easy to start making a variant--all you need is an idea and an image editor (I prefer for those sweet sweet layers). You'll want to decide on what setting you want, which nations to include, how many SCs to have, how big the map is, and so on. I suggest finding a blank map of the area you want to work with online and go to town with a first draft. You'll want to try having province borders mostly match real-world borders, and have SCs mostly match real-world cities. Once you have a convincing first draft (a full map with nations, starting units, SCs, and maybe a set of new rules if your variant has more than just a new map) you can start the hard part, which is balancing it--you can post the draft to this forum for advice on balancing and ensuring the variant is fun. Once you've gone through a few versions you might want to give the variant a test run, to see if it really is balanced and fun--again you can do that on this forum.

I'll warn you, the second world war is a pretty popular setting for variants and several already exist, but if you have a new spin on it (such as some sort of new unit or rule that mixes up the game) then it might still be a welcome addition.

Re: New Variant Idea

PostPosted: 08 Oct 2017, 17:16
by Chessplayer
Thanks for your help, everyone. My idea is to add tank and airplane divisions to the mix, as well as include THREE theaters of WW2 in Asia and the Pacific, Europe, and Africa.