That didn't take long! Congratulations Kian

3-nation game set in the 15th century on a map of Western Europe. Devised by Andrew G Schwarz. GM: Pedros

That didn't take long! Congratulations Kian

Postby Pedros » 16 Oct 2011, 15:29

A sudden shift of attack by England took Burgundy by surprise and England to the magic 9 SCs mark. No retreats, so that's it!

Nice little game. AARs would be good - given how short it was, is it worth playing again? (Not immediately - at least not with me as GM. I have other ideas)

Final totals:
England (Kian): 9
France (stalin 813): 5
Burgundy (Palin): 3

hundred.gif (144.67 KiB) Viewed 855 times

England (Kian)
Northumbria – Scotland : Resolved
Strait of Dover – Holland : Resolved
Brittany – Biscay : Resolved

Toulouse – Limousin : Resolved
Calais – Paris : Bounced 1-1
Normandy – Orleans : Bounced 1-1
Aragon HOLD : Resolved

Burgundy (Palin)
Army Dijon move Beaujolais : Bounced 2-2
Army Luxembourg move Dijon : Attack failed
Army Galtois support Army Luxembourg move Dijon
Fleet Flanders hold : Resolved

France (Stalin813)
A Castile builds a boat : Sorry Stalin - we're not playing Bretwalda!
A Orleans support Dauphine hold : Cut from Normandy
A Dauphine support Paris - Dijon : Attack failed
A Paris - Dijon : Bounced 2-2
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