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Guidance for setting up a Live Game.
1. Advertise first! Make sure you have enough interested people to set the game up.
2. Place the date and proposed start time (including time zone) in the title of the post.
3. Post details of the game - game type, length of live period, whether the game will end when the live period does, after-live deadlines if not, etc.
4. Update the first post regularly to reflect changes, players, etc.
5. Players should be on the Forum approximately 30 minutes before the game starts and should post in the thread that they are ready. Check the game thread REGULARLY and don't leave the site!
6. Include in the game description that it is live!
7. Should a player NOT turn up, remember others can see the game on the home page of the games site - a replacement MAY be found.
See Organising a Live Game and Participating in a Live Game.

New Live Game

Postby CalebSmithatLaw » 01 Jul 2020, 20:14

Need 3 more for a live game now. 2 hours of live then turns every 12 hours. First-come, first-serve
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Re: New Live Game

Postby traitor651 » 02 Jul 2020, 09:12

I'll join
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Re: New Live Game

Postby james.c.robertson » 24 Sep 2020, 12:19

I'm new to this website, but have played Diplo for a long time. Still need a player? I'm looking to dip my feet in.
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