Organising a Live Game

Set up a Live game here. Live games are only available to PREMIUM members.
Forum rules
Guidance for setting up a Live Game.
1. Advertise first! Make sure you have enough interested people to set the game up.
2. Place the date and proposed start time (including time zone) in the title of the post.
3. Post details of the game - game type, length of live period, whether the game will end when the live period does, after-live deadlines if not, etc.
4. Update the first post regularly to reflect changes, players, etc.
5. Players should be on the Forum approximately 30 minutes before the game starts and should post in the thread that they are ready. Check the game thread REGULARLY and don't leave the site!
6. Include in the game description that it is live!
7. Should a player NOT turn up, remember others can see the game on the home page of the games site - a replacement MAY be found.
See Organising a Live Game and Participating in a Live Game.

Organising a Live Game

Postby rick.leeds » 25 Apr 2015, 09:30

This is intended as guidance on how to organise a Live game and fill it.

Ideally, this should be organised at least a number of days before, to give people a chance to see the post, participate in the formation of the game, plan ahead for themselves, etc. We suggest something like a week in advance.

1. Advertise!
Decide when you want to play it. If you want to be as successful in filling your game as possible, decide when you will be able to play: day, date, time. Make a post in the main section of the thread to let people know.
Check out the list of players who may be available on the day. Go to the Available for Live sub-forum and look-up the threads for the appropriate week. Send these members a private message. Add a link.
Contact the Live Gamers group by private message and notify them of the post. Add a link.

2. Post title
When making your post, place the date and proposed start time (including time zone) in the post title.

3. Within the post
Post details such as:
- game type,
- length of the live period,
- what happens when the live period ends (deadline details, etc)
If you are open to suggestions for what the game should be like, make this post a suggested format.
IF you are password protecting the game, DON'T post the password.

4. Stay on top of the game
Make sure you update the first post to reflect changes. It would make sense to maintain a list of the people who are interested in playing.

Try to get onto the Forum a few hours before the game starts.

5. Finalise the details
Update the first post of your game thread with the final details of the game.
Make sure you send a private message to all the players in the game, confirming the details of the game and - if you're password protecting the game - add the password.

6. Advertise further
Contact the Live Gamers group. Send them the details of the game and a link to the thread.
It may be useful to also post in Chatbox at this point.

You should be on site and the Forum about a half-hour before the game starts (at the latest). STAY ON THE SITE!

7. Set up the game
Create the game.
Post in the game thread that the game is now created and ready to join.
Make sure you include the words Live Game in the title and/or game description to warn players who don't want to join a Live game.
JOIN THE GAME! Players are more likely to join a game when there is at least one person joined.

8. Post in Chatbox
Let people know in Chatbox that the game is created. If there are not enough people who signed-up to the game thread, if you have password protected the game you will need to post the password.

9. Keep updated
Update Chatbox with details of number of players joined, number of players needed, etc.
Update the game thread with the same details.

10. Be the last to confirm
You are the player who created the game, you are therefore the player who is responsible for getting it started. Confirm your participation as late as you dare or until the other players have confirmed.

Live games with a password won't be seen in the Featured Live Game box, although they will be part of the list of games. Passwords, therefore, are better for games that are organised ahead of time and when the are enough players to make the game viable (or at least almost viable) without relying on casual players.

See also Participating in a Live Game.
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Re: Organising a Live Game

Postby Gardenpatch » 04 Jun 2021, 19:00

Hi Rick,

On the create a game - it allows War in America's to play as a 2 player but doesn't show which 2 countries are playing - is that a bug or did i miss something when creating my game today?
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Re: Organising a Live Game

Postby masterdragon » 12 Jan 2022, 21:52

i would like to join if you end up making one.
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