PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

PDGC Season One. TD: rick.leeds. Winner: Parmesan.

PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

Postby rick.leeds » 04 Sep 2011, 18:57


1. CHAMPIONSHIP: The whole structure; here specifically the PlayDip Gunboat Championship.
2. DIVISION: A pool within the Championship.
3. SEASON: The length of time it takes for the completion of all games within the Championship.
4. STAGE: The Championship will be broken into a number of stages: a Divisional Stage, which will sort out qualification for the latter stage(s).
5. PLAYER: A member of the site who signs-up to the Championship for the season.
6. TD: Tournament Director, the member of site who organises and runs the Championship.
7. GAME START PERIOD: The length of time between the setting-up of one game and the setting-up of the next within a season.
8. GAME START: The details sent out by the TD to players for each game. Includes: name, password, assignment.

1. The First Stage will have players split into five Divisions. These Divisions will be parallel, not hierarchical.
2. In each Division there will be 7 players.
3. Players will be sorted by ranking into groups of five. These players in each group will then be randomly allocated a Division until all players from that group have been placed in a Division. Allocation of places in the groups for Season One will be based upon site rankings on 18th September 2011.
4. For subsequent seasons, players will remain in their Division unless the structure needs to be altered for the number of entrants. if players do not wish to play in the following season, the TD will seek to replace them before re-structuring the Divisions.
5. In the Divisional Stage, players will play FOUR games. One will be against other players in their Division, the other three against players from other Divisions.
6. No player will play any power more than once in the Divisional Stage.
7. No player will play any other player more than twice in the Divisional Stage.
8. The winners of each Division will progress to the latter stages of the Championship. Other best-placed players in each Division will also have the chance to progress as described below.
9. Second and Third placed players in a division will progress to the Play-Off Stage. They will be joined by the four highest point scoring players (not already qualified) from the Divisional Stage, irrespective of placing in the divisions.

10. The Play-Off Stage will be two separate games, with players seeded on position and points from the Divisional Stage. Players will provide preference lists, with highest seeded players in each game given earlier preferences.
11. The two winners from the Play-Off Stage will play in the Final with the Divisional Winners.

12. The Final will be a three-game match. Each game will be scored using POS238S points and the combined score will award places. Games will have a one week Game Start period.
13. Powers will be allocated randomly for the FINAL Game 1.
14. For Games 2 and 3, power allocation will be as random as possible but will follow these rules:
(i) No Finalist will play the same power more than once in the Final games.
(ii) Players will play only one power from Austria/Italy.

1. Membership is open to any site member who is Premium and who signs-up.
2. Once site members sign-up to the Championship their membership is held to be on-going and perpetual, unless they indicate to the TD that they wish to withdraw. Therefore, once site members have completed Season One, they will assumed to be in all subsequent seasons, subject to confirmation.
3. At the end of one season, the TD will message all members and seek confirmation of continued membership for the next season. Players who do not confirm participation will be removed from the Championship and replaced by new sign-ups.
4. Players who leave the Championship may subsequently sign-up again for later seasons.
5. Players that resign from the Championship mid-season will not be allowed to re-join the Championship in that season.
6. It follows from the above that players must maintain Premium membership on the site to remain in the Championship. Should players be unable or unwilling to do so during a season, they will be removed from the Championship and replaced as per C.3 above or as in Section H below.
7. Sign-ups and confirmations for subsequent seasons will be organised once the final game of the season has been started (allowing for as quick as start to seasons as possible).

1. Divisional Stage games will be scored solely using the POS238S system (explained below).
2. Should players be tied, ties would be broken using the following hierarchy based upon finishing positions in games (NB: these are positions in games, as defined by defined by SC count, NOT wins or draws):
- number of solo victories,
- number of first places in games,
- number of second places,
- number of third places and so on.

3. The games will play until:
(i) A solo victory is achieved,
(ii) A draw is proposed and accepted, in which case the player with most SCs will win the game for tournament purposes, or
(iii) Until the end of Fall Retreats 1915, in which case the player with most SCs will be declared the winner for tournament purposes.
If there is a tie in SCs the game will be awarded points using the POS238S system and the players who tied in the game will have the points earned added to the points they scored in the Divisional Stage, with the highest combined total winning.

4. The Final will be scored using the same system as the Divisional Stage (described above), based upon the Final games only, the highest scorer being the PlayDip Gunboat Champion. If the results are tied over the Final Games, points from the Divisional Stage will be used as the tie-breaker.
5. At any stage, players who are eliminated from games before the end will not receive a position, or points, for that game.

1. Games will be anonymous and use speed deadlines.
2. Once players receive their country assignments they will be expected to subscribe to the game and confirm participation as soon as possible. A delay that results in the game being cancelled or returned to an earlier stage will result in a penalty (see Section K below).
3. In the Divisional Stage, game starts will be every two weeks.
4. Games will use the Preferences system. Players will be expected to place the name of their assigned power in all three preference boxes.
5. Deadlines will be 2/2/2 (only to avoid NMRs; finalisation will be expected to be used as much as possible).
6. Games will be RANKED.
7. Games will include the DIAS option.
8. Games will use Spring 1901 NMR protection.
9. Games will be played to either the end of 1915, unless a power achieves a solo victory, or the surviving players agree to a draw.
10. Players may request one delay in game start periods per season by contacting the TD. The TD will assess each request and may not grant the delay. Each player in the game will be contacted by the TD to confirm the delay.
11. Players may request one delay in game deadlines per game by contacting the TD. Should the request cover more than one League game, then that will count as the single request in each game affected. The TD will assess each request, and may not grant the delay. In this case players may find a substitute for any games they are in (see Section I below). The TD will contact each player in the game to confirm the delay.
12. Unless requested otherwise, the game map/icon will be the site default.

1. Players must ensure that they remain anonymous whilst the game they are playing is underway. Players are also forbidden to explicitly claim a false identity in a game.
2. Should a bug or something similar cause players to seek technical support from Admin, they should PM the TD to report it.
3. Should anonymity rules be broken whilst a game is underway, players are expected to report this to the TD, who will investigate and assess the breach.
4. Deliberate revelation of a player's identity will result in a penalty (see Section K below).
5. Should a player reveal his identity accidentally (as deemed by the TD only) no penalty will be handed down. This includes another entrant being able to work out the player's identity and/or revealing that to others.
6. As there is no communication, players may not use the Forum to speculate about a players identity, as this breaks site rules.
NB: There will be games in the later stage(s) where total anonymity (ie, not knowing which players are in the game) is possible. In these games anonymity will be taken to mean which player in controlling which country.

1. Should a player surrender from a game, voluntarily or through automatic surrender following NMRs, the player will NOT incur a penalty (see Section K below).
2. A player who needs to surrender for a reason should notify the TD who will attempt to find a replacement.
3. Should the TD be unable to find a replacement, the power will continue in Civil Disorder. The game will still count towards the League.
5. Surrendering from a game whilst active will be viewed as resigning from the Championship. Resigning without contacting the TD may result in disbarment from future participation from the Championship (at the TD's discretion) and other tournaments within the PlayDip Championship structure.

1. Players should notify the TD of this necessity, allowing the TD to find a replacement.
2. If possible, players will be asked to continue to play, or to play-out, games in which they are active, until a replacement can be found.
3. If the TD cannot find a replacement, any games in which the player is active will still count towards the Championship and the TD will join the game to issue HOLD orders for the power, ie. the power will be in maintained Civil Disorder.
4. If the TD cannot find a replacement for subsequent games, game starts may be delayed. If a replacement cannot be found, any subsequent games in that season will be UNRANKED and the TD will play the game and maintain the power(s) in Civil Disorder. Players will be told of this eventuality before each game.
5. If necessary the TD will attempt to find replacements who agree to cover each game individually, but who may not be part of the Championship structure.
6. Resigning from the Championship mid-season without notifying the TD may result in disbarment from future participation from the Championship (at the TD's discretion) and other tournaments within the PlayDip Championships structure.

1. Should a player require a substitute for a period in a game or games, s/he is responsible for finding the substitute.
2. A substitute may not be:
(a) playing in ANY other game ON SITE in which the player is involved (as per site rules);
(b) within the current season of the Championship;
(c) a player who has resigned from the Championship in that season WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE TD;
(d) a player previously expelled from the Championship in any season WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE TD (a list of members who have been expelled will be maintained by the TD).
3. A reserve may be asked to substitute.
4. If a player cannot find a temporary substitute, s/he may ask for a delay in deadlines (see E.9 above) but, failing this or, by preference, may request the TD to substitute for ONE TURN (movement/retreats/builds) only. Should the TD substitute, the player must provide details of alliances and include provisional orders for moves, retreats and builds/disbandments.
5. In this scenario, the TD will not amend any movement orders.
6. The TD would approach the game as if not knowing the player assignments in the game and not allow the inside knowledge of the game to affect orders.
7. Should a substitute be required for longer than one turn, the TD would issue HOLD orders for subsequent turns.
8. The TD will maintain a list of reserves to replace players who resign/are expelled from the Championship.
9. If a reserve agrees to substitute for a player, s/he may still subsequently replace a player in that season.

1. Should a player/player(s) believe a bug or other site-related incident has affected the game, s/he should contact the TD about it NOT post in the Forum.
2. The TD may choose to "suspend" the game by extending deadlines until the bug can be investigated, and would notify players in the game of this.
3. Any errors which cannot be evidenced as the result of a bug, any actions occurring because of a bug and anything that cannot be corrected will NOT invalidate the game within the Championship.
4. A perceived inconsistency between orders and reported orders will not be considered a bug.

1. Delaying the game in subscription/confirmation (see E.2 above): first occurrence: -10 points; second occurrence in the same game: expulsion from the Championship; three occurrences in different games: expulsion from the Championship. (This does not include delaying subscribing or confirming where the game is not affected, ie. where the game does not revert to an earlier phase.)
2. If the TD believes that a player has deliberately broken anonymity rules, whether active or inactive in a game: first occurrence -20 points; subsequent occurrences: removal from the Championship for that season.
3. Surrendering from a game: removal from the Championship for that season.
4. Reporting Bugs on the Forum, instead of via the TD, and so breaching anonymity: -10 points.
5. Revealing player identities in the Forum whilst the game is still active: -20 points.
6. Breaking site rules on game play in non-league games: penalty dependent on cheating resolution.
7. The TD will enforce site rules irrespective of a players standing in this tournament.
8. The TD reserves the right to expel players from the Championship for extraordinary circumstances (eg lengthy or repeated Forum bans).
9. Any player affected by a penalty may appeal the decision. Any actions that cannot be reversed (such as being removed from a game) will not be affected as a result of a successful appeal.
11. Players may not appeal a reversal of a penalty.
12. The TD's final decision is not open to appeal.

POS238S Scoring System explained.
1. Find the number of SCs players held at the end of the game and multiply this by seven (each SC counts as 7 pts; I explain why below).
2. This will give the positions players ranked in the game, ie the highest SCs score 1st place.
3. Take the SC score (number of SCs times 7) and divide by the placing. This gives each player a score.
4. Find the total scores for the game (all the players' scores added together).
5. The game must now by standardised so that the total game points are 100. Do this by dividing a player's score by the game total and multiplying by 100.
5. Players score the points they earn after standardisation.
6. A solo earns 100 points and no other players score for the game.

So why seven points? Well, using this system, a player in last 7th place with a single SC has an initial score (before standardisation) of 1 (7 points for the SC divided by 7 for finishing in 7th place).

An example:
1st - Player A 11 SCs 11x7 scores 77. Divided by 1 (1st place) scores 77.
2nd - Player B 6 SCs 42 divided by 2 scores 21.
2nd - Player C 6 SCs scores 21 (tied for 2nd place).
4th - Player D 5 SCs scores (35 divided by 4 - 4th place, not 3rd) 8.75
5th - Player E 3 SCs scores (21 divided by 5) 4.2
5th - Player F 3 SCs scores 4.2
7th - Player G 0 SCs scores 0.
Game total is 136.15
Player A's final score is [(77 divided by 136.15) x 100] = 56.56
Player B and C both score 15.42
Player D scores 6.43
Players E and F score 3.08
Player G scores 0.
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Re: PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

Postby sjg11 » 04 Sep 2011, 19:00

Sign me up.
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Re: PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

Postby Palin » 04 Sep 2011, 19:03

I'm in.
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Re: PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

Postby asudevil » 04 Sep 2011, 19:10

Im so terrible at Gunboat...but Im in
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Re: PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

Postby rick.leeds » 04 Sep 2011, 19:12

First, apologies for the length of the RULES post, but experience has told me to try and plan for the worst ;)

This tournament is replacing the PDGL (PlayDip Gunboat League). The main differences are in the structure (still using Divisions but this time no promotion/relegation: the Divisions are a qualification stage to the later stage(s) of the tournament) and the fact that players will not play all seven players in their division in all four Divisional Stage games.

I am not yet able to set out the final structure of the tournament, as that depends upon how many entrants I have. However, as stated above, each Divisional winner will progress to the later stage(s) and the best placed players will also play more games. The idea is to progress until 7 players qualify for the FINAL BOARD, which will decide the tournament winner. This will be a one-off game and countries will be chosen by the qualifiers sending in a preference list. Preferences will be assigned in order, based upon positions in the qualification for this game (that I will explain more when I can finalise the structure).

Interested? Then sign-up. As a note of warning, I will be treating entrants to the defunct PDGL preferentially (they'll be guaranteed places if they respond positively) and others will be taken in strict order of sign-up. I'm not limiting the number of sign-ups, just conscious that I may have to set a final date and latter sign-ups will be placed on the RESERVES list for this season. (If I fail to give you the "P" treatment - see below - and you should have it give me a yell.)

Sign-ups 35 entrants.
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Re: PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

Postby Mainman17 » 04 Sep 2011, 19:29

I am up for it
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Re: PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

Postby presser84 » 04 Sep 2011, 19:37

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Re: PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

Postby bitwise » 04 Sep 2011, 19:44

I'm in (again)
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Re: PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

Postby Cameron » 04 Sep 2011, 19:49

Screw it, Gunboat requires no time, and I have too much time in college right now.
count me in!
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Re: PlayDip Gunboat Championship RULES & SIGN-UPS

Postby Eakane » 04 Sep 2011, 20:11

I'm in.
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