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Re: Freedom of Speech

PostPosted: 30 Dec 2020, 01:55
by V
Danivon wrote:V, you are imparting motive into my words. I was mainly giving facts to counter your points. Those facts should not be difficult to disprove if you disagree.

And maybe your lack of seeing racism directly affects your view of it.

You did indeed discuss historical facts regarding slavery & subsequent issues in USA/Caribbean/UK. I don’t contest/disagree with any of them. Yes, I did impart motive to your words, in that I assumed your citing of these historical facts was in some way linked to the discussion of racism that I was contributing towards in my post.

If so, that’s my point entirely. Pawing over the old ground of who did what & when isn’t helping combat racism. It’s currently so popular that folks hotly debate the veracity of exactly what happened centuries ago. This is a contributor to the problem of perpetuating racism, not a solution
You used the word “acknowledging” history which is a given in any intelligent debate, but people are taking it way further than that (maybe not you) & often attributing the cause of today’s racism to centuries old historical incidents.
People have to take ownership of the present. It’s where the causes & solutions to today’s problems exist. I completely believe it behoves every individual to solve racism within themselves first, before pinning the blame on others. Especially trying to pin the blame on others that are long dead.

I’ve seen more racism than most. I’m old & have lived on 4 Continents. 12+ years spent in Southern Africa during the years in which apartheid was overthrown is seeing racism up close & dirty. Don’t think because I have a different opinion for racism’s causes & solutions, that you magically see it better than I.
Racism is no longer dumped on my doorstep every day because I’m now blessed to be living in Latin America. Society is better here & I’m grateful for that.

Re: Freedom of Speech

PostPosted: 31 Dec 2020, 15:04
by schocker
Well stated V. Nowadays we also judge the past using our values when having those discussions.

Re: Freedom of Speech

PostPosted: 30 Jan 2021, 09:04
by Keirador
Take this cesspit. Of course Debates died. It's just a passel of racists quibbling over how far exactly their racism should be allowed to go. There's nothing interesting here.