I had a sad thought the other day

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Re: I had a sad thought the other day

Postby beowulf7 » 11 Feb 2019, 15:49

Countries that use the death penalty are great societies!

China 1000+
Iran 567
Saudi Arabia 154
Iraq 88
Pakistan 87
Egypt 44
USA 20 (Oh say can you see...)
Somalia 14
Bangladesh, Malaysia, Afghanistan, ...

Who would want to live in Scandinavia, or Canada, or Western Europe when you could join the death penalty league?
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Re: I had a sad thought the other day

Postby schocker » 12 May 2019, 19:22

As a retired teacher, I would suggest that each child is an independent thinker and is capable of breaking any cycle that they are placed in at least here in the US and probably anywhere in the developed world. I have watch kids from deplorable backgrounds rise to the very top with industry and tenacity. Indeed, I have also witnessed students with everything that money can buy fall to levels in which their survival is questionable. Look at the individual and resist grouping people both little and big, into groups which inevitably are inaccurate.
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