Herbert Hoover

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Re: Herbert Hoover

Postby JamesCook » 02 Oct 2016, 21:52

The O wrote:On what basis do you make this claim? Between 1933 and 1939, all economic indicators steadily got better. Granted, WWII is what really boosted the economy back into full swing. However, the efforts of FDR were real and felt nation wide. How convenient to just whitewash the extensive efforts of the FDR administration and the government as a whole. However, the activation of the government helped many people in the U.S. to ummm... I don't know... EAT.

If you have stats to support your assertion, please provide them. I just looked at the economic numbers on multiple websites and found that the New Deal actually was very effective in not only stemming the depression, but kickstarting the economy and employment. After all, how could there be that much public job creation and infrastructure developments and not have an effect on a collapsing economy.

At any rate, your assertion that FDR gets too much credit needs a lot of supporting arguments before it can be taken as true.

Well, where to begin.....there are books on this as how FDR saved big banks and failed to end the depression. He was actually the man who saved conservative capitalism in America. At least that is what I believe. But, why try to have a discussion when your tone starts as it did with "EAT". I would suggest to you to read about the 30's and the economy as in 1936 and the long failure of the New deal to solve/end the Great Depression. If you need data I suggest you read up rather than ask me.
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Re: Herbert Hoover

Postby The O » 03 Oct 2016, 17:25

Why are you engaging in the debate thread? I asked you to back up your assertions with facts or stats and you told me to read up on it. I clearly told you that I did read up on it and could find multiple places that clearly state that the US economy steadily improved from 1933-1939. I also admitted that WWII was what really put us over the top. However, there are a lot of resources that show that the New Deal clearly helped in many areas of the economy. You told me to read a book, but didn't even offer me a title or author to look at.
You stated, "why try to have a discussion".
Perhaps that's where we agree.

Again, to recap, you made an assertion, "FDR gets too much credit for ending the depression and Hoover gets too much blame". I then asked to you back up your assertion with... well anything. You then told me to "read up rather than ask me".
Thank you - your debating skills are beyond reproach.
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