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DBN Deadline News

Postby FloridaMan » 18 Dec 2020, 16:51

I was featured in DBN's Deadline News! :)

It's very exciting :mrgreen:
I'm at about 10:44.
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Re: DBN Deadline News

Postby Big Gun » 19 Dec 2020, 01:20

Awesome :lol:
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Re: DBN Deadline News

Postby David Hood » 19 Dec 2020, 07:31

It was great to have you on, man!
David Hood
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Re: DBN Deadline News

Postby Audacia » 20 Dec 2020, 20:18

Very cool, FloridaMan! Wow, and David Hood is here on PDO. I did not even know that :oops: . See what a PDO newbie I am? Love DBN. Keep up the great interviews, David.
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Re: DBN Deadline News

Postby jay65536 » 20 Dec 2020, 21:27

There are a lot of great and/or influential players who have PD usernames but don’t (or very rarely) play. They mostly just lurk on the forum and pop up to talk about the FtF hobby. I know Chris Martin has a username here, as do Dave Maletsky, Conrad Woodring, I think also Bill Hackenbracht, and I’m sure I’m missing people.
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