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Foreign Policy Magazine

Postby David E. Cohen » 23 Oct 2020, 14:39

They have a piece featuring Dip. PlayDiplomacy is mentioned: ... s-careers/
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Re: Foreign Policy Magazine

Postby Perygl » 23 Oct 2020, 16:27

Thanks for sharing this! I've passed it along to my friends. 8-)
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Re: Foreign Policy Magazine

Postby Malarky » 30 Oct 2020, 21:57

I love that Dip seems to have grown during the darkness of 2020. And I love reading this kind of article. Thanks, David.

By the way, I was listening to the DIplomacy Games Podcast recently (super_dipsy has been interviewed on it and he gave a fantastic interview, really selling Playdip and Diplomacy). It was in the conversation between Kaner and Amby after another interview when they mentioned how webDip and VDip had seen an increase in active members.

Something I hadn't really considered was brought up. A lot of people have been coming to Dip sites - I'm assuming the same phenomenon has happened here - and they pointed out that this included groups of friends. They mentioned that these groups were being considerate enough to create so many password protected games; on Playdip, Friends games.

Why does this need a mention? Because I have often read people complaining about how many of these games are on the Join Game list. Personally, I think it's great. It's too easy to join main site games and play to favour your mates. To recognise and respect the other players and the site rules enough to create Friends games instead deserves the site's and community's thanks, I think.
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